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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Our own little Limbaugh

Truth is stranger than fiction. Now ultra-right-wing talk show nabob and Oregon Republican apologist Gregg Clapper is allegedly a pothead. Four pipes! Suck it up, Gregg!

Clapper was busted in connection with prosecution of alleged animal poaching by Shilo Inns magnate Mark Hemstreet and his family.

There's the moral majority for ya, eh? I'm sure Lars will tell you, they're political prisoners. (Via Chris Snethen.)

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'scuse me, while I kiss the sky

Republican, or political, hypocrisy in general is rife and always fun. I mean The Shrub just nominated a former trial lawyer to head the Gestapo!

Stay tuned!

Geez Jack, lighten up. How many guys our age don't have three or four pot pipes kicking around in the old college souvenir box?

Does that mean that, next election cycle, I don't have to listen to his smarmy, smug, melodramatic commercials?

Prob'ly not. The first merit badge ConRepub Scouts get is hypocrisy. They have no pride or shame.

But, ya know, all these years, I *knew* something was up with them.

And KPAM just needs more boots to the head, eh?

Couldn't've happened to a nicer guy.


Only if Clapper was a drug war advocate.

I could be mistaken, but when I used to listen to catch his radio talk show I had the impression that he was more of a "Jack Libertarian" (to borrow the term from Pat Ryan's Blue Oregon post).

in the old college souvenir box

Er, I doubt that very much in this case.

In fairness to Gregg Clapper (not that he needs or deserves it here) he is certainly much closer to a libertarian than a social conservative. In fact, he did commercials in support of the Death with Dignity ballot measure and the Right-to-Life folks hate his guts.

Also, not that it matters here, he's accused of having marijuana "residue" on the pipe, which (even if he is charged with a violation, which has not happened yet) would result in a citation, not even a misdemeanor much less a felony.

I'm not defending anything he or Mark Hemstreet may have done. However, I hope the anti-Patriot Act folks notice that the police went to the media with the story without yet charging anyone with a crime in this case. Not all of the concerns about selective political enforcement of the law should be limited to liberals.

You're right, Jack. Poor Clapper. He's just another Brandon Mayfield. 8c)

I have a quick question. Does Mark Hemstreet have a son named Ren?

Yes, Mark has a step son named Ren. From a previous fling Shannon had. From what I hear he doesn't live with them.

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