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Friday, January 21, 2005

Go Potter go!

Tucked inside today's Oregonian is the very welcome news that Portland Mayor Tom Potter is clearing out the brush at the Portland Development Commission. Commission chair Matt Hennessee and commissioner Janice Wilson aren't going to be back when their terms expire in July. Those were two of the main Goldschmidt lieutenants at the PDC. They said yesterday they "won't ask to be reappointed." That usually means they wouldn't be.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor!

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However, did you read further about Vera's, er, Potter's first intended appointment to the PDC. She seems to have some good housing credentials behind her. But I am immediately suspect because the O also reported that she was practically hand-picked by Vera.

I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. It's too good a day to look on the lingering dark side of the PDC.

Congratulations, Jack. I think you may have more influence than you think.

I dunno. I just goofed on the mayor's Japan trip, and I was getting ready to needle him about his plan to go bike riding with Critical Mass. Now we get this, and it's a Tom love fest. If he keeps this up, the honeymoon may last quite a while.

I've been thinking... Would this ever, ever have happened if Francesconi had won? Heck no. These two would have been reappointed in a heartbeat.

Now if only The Don (Maziotti) would just go away we might have a chance at having more of a say in how those urban renewal monies are spent (instead of watching Homer et al get the funding again and again).

One thing at a time. The handwriting is on the wall.

I wouldn't hold your breath:


To quote:

Based on our investigation, Diana Goldschmidt became aware of her husband's potential involvement with Texas Pacific hours after the Oregon Investment Council meeting," said attorney general spokesman Kevin Neely.

This guy still has the state by the short hairs.

Yes, the state, but perhaps not the city. Let's hope.

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