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Monday, January 31, 2005

Back on top

My fantasy basketball teams are both once again on top of their respective leagues. Special thanks to these fellows for a great week:

Sto lat, Wally!

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If those are your top fantasy players, then you couldn't possibly be doing well in fantasy hoops. I Know Illgack has been doing well lately, but he's inconsistent.

Do you do weddings?

Marion is the fantasy MVP this year. Remember, I am in leagues with 16-team drafts, so one does the best one can. And right now the teams with Ilgau and Marion are no. 1 in both my groups.

I am still amazed that Szerbiak (sp? - I know I messed that up) can be that productive considering he has been on the bubble in Minnesota for 2+ years now. I think he is righta bout Ilgauskas, you are one slip away from a 20-game injury.

How do you draft these guys? I mean is it what is available or do you have a salary cap and then buy your way into that?

There's no salary considerations involved. There's just a 16-team draft from all available players. It went 12 or 15 rounds or so, and there's your team. The teams go head to head in 11 categories of statistics.

In fantasy basketball, individual stats trump everything. I'd rather have Marion than Kobe, Richardson than Christie, etc. And you'd be surprised how good guys like Adonal Foyle look when you're getting beat in the blocks category.

Ilgau's back is going to go out at some point, but in the meantime he puts up good numbers in several categories pretty regularly.

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