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Thursday, December 9, 2004

On the flip side

The other day I gave the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a hard time for sponsoring newspaper ads that are trying to influence the state Public Utility Commission's decision on whether to allow Texas Pacific Group to take over Portland General Electric.

It's only fair, then, that I say something nice about the foundation when it does a good thing for Portland, as it has here. It's pungling up more DOS/Windows bucks to support the successful Gateway to College program at Portland Community College. You've got to tip your hat to that.

Thanks, Gateses! And hey, if you ever want to create an endowed chair for a tax law professor....

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Fabulous. As much as I love to hate MS software, the Gates Foundation, for whatever reasons and with whatever money, is doing great work going around the outside trying to educate at least some of the kids & young people that the public school systems largely fail. Seems they've met a good match.

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