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Thursday, December 2, 2004

No more shirts-and-skins here

Tough news for gym rats yesterday about the YMCA on Broadway near Sandy Boulevard in Northeast Portland -- it's closing. The building's nearly 80 years old, it needs $7 million of renovation, and the folks at the Y aren't in a position to pay that kind of dough. Note to the City Council: All the more reason to get going on that Buckman neighborhood center, and pronto.

No word yet on what will happen to the soon-to-be-closed building. I can't even venture a guess -- six stories of condos, or eight, or ten? So long as they're pricey and ugly, I'm sure they'll be speedily approved by our city fathers.

Comments (2)

This is really too bad. The building is a nice peice of architecture and fit's in to the community really nicely. I hate to see it go.

On a some what related note, there was talk at one time that the new development for the Albina Fuel Company site on 33rd and Brodway would include a new NE YMCA location (as well as the standard condos). I haven't heard more about this part of the plan, but maybe there is hope for a NE YMCA!

Where is Albina moving to?

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