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Sunday, December 26, 2004

How we look

Here's a new Portland photo site.

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You should have caught this one..


That is actually 15th and Knott (not 16th)....in front of Augustana Lutheran.

Thanks for catching that error.... I've corrected it to 15th. If anyone else notices errors I'm always grateful for corrections!

My goal is to document the neighborhoods (all 99 or so) and places of Portland and surrounding area. In that spirit, suggestions, objections and corrections are all most welcome.

Thanks for the link Jack,


Miles: Those shots labeled "Goose Hollow" appear to be from 23rd & W. Burnside -- not exactly Goose Hollow, is it? I always picture the Hollow as over by Lincoln High School and the MAC.

Actually, I hate to correct the commissioner - but the photos were taken from the median near the corner of 16th and Knott, from the southwest corner, facing west toward the church and the 15th/Knott intersection.

And how do I know this? I owned the house adjacent to said median until earlier this year, and paid for those trees to be trimmed and that sidewalk to be repaired, so I recognize them (and that shot) well.

Jack, According to my map of Portland neighborhoods, Goose Hollow extends all the way to Burnside in that area... but you are right that the camera position is across Burnside in "Northwest". I often have this dilemma... to categorize an image based on where the camera was, or what the camera sees. In this case I went for "what the camera sees" and I believe that the buildings pictured are in the Goose Hollow neighborhood.

This low resolution pdf map shows that Goose Hollow is larger than we usually think of it being....

There is a higher resolution map available from the Portland Neighborhood Involvement office http://www.portlandonline.com/oni/
that tells the same story more visibly.... Goose Hollow seems to extend all the way to Burnside where the Northwest neighborhood begins.

But the opinions of map makers may not always conincide with the lived internal maps of people... and just because the map makers say it's Goose Hollow doesn't mean that most people think it is or that it "really" is.

I remain open to arguments on this!


Your right, they were taken from close to 16th and Knott, but they were taken of 15th and Knott...

Do I sound like I am saying "it all depends on what the defintion of 'is' is."?

I couldn't resist the opportunity to identify pictures that were taken on my (former) front lawn, is all!

Thank you Betsy! I think I've got it right now. And thank you for taking care of those trees... I'm sure it wasn't cheap but they are such a visual treat for everyone who goes by there. Miles

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