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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Local nerd makes good

A Portland State University grad student in biology has an academic paper coming out soon on the auditory system of the Cuban tree frog. And she has some interesting weekend hobbies, too.

Best of luck to her.

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Well, at least she's got a college degree... In an astonishing lack of class on the part of PSU administration, they asked Miss America Katie Harman to be the commencement speaker a couple of years ago -- even though she was a junior at PSU.

Just silly - having a current student, who's only accomplishment is a non-academic one, speak at a ceremony honoring those who've actually completed their coursework.

Anyway, here's to Jessica Carlson -- the self-described "science nerd brunette in pageant-land".

They just ain't makin' nerds like they used to.

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