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Friday, November 19, 2004

It's mourning in America

It's 16 days later, and I'm still reeling from the election. It's just an unspeakable outcome. Already I'm starting to get that resigned feeling -- just push down the rage and get ready to grin and bear it, every day, for four more years. Here's a site where a black mourning ribbon is now displayed to remind readers of what the red states have just done. Sounds about right to me.

There are many others who will continue to stand up and shout, however. Most of it makes me ill. For one thing, I don't want to hear "Bush stole the election again." At all. You want to question and reform the shabby election machinery we have in many places in this country? A most worthy cause. But let's stop talking about how Kerry really won. He lost. He was a weak candidate, he ran a dopey campaign, and he lost. It's over.

Curiously, the most comfort I'm taking right now is from the Sorry, Everybody site. I linked to this when there were only a few photos there. Now there are a couple of thousand. It's great to see faces attached to our dark feelings about our place in the world today, and the responses from abroad. What a great site. (Thanks to Portland's own tireless Bohemian Mama for providing the links and keeping the faith.)

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Do you know about the Apologies Accepted site? I think you'd take comfort in that, too. I know I do. It's a response from people around the world to the Sorry, Everybody site.

if anything, the democratic party should be apologizing. To the rest of us. For offering up such a pathetic candidate as they did. They took a Pinto, called it a GT, raced for pinks, and deservedly lost.

Now how you know how the normal ones among us felt in '92 and '96 when you guys hocked up the grifter. The difference is that we just sucked it up and moved on. Take a cue.

Unbelievable. How anyone could suggest John Kerry is inferior to that hypocritical, moronic, ridiculously pathetic excuse for a president, shrub, is beyond me. Pril and spread eagle, you have not being paying. Tsk tsk tsk.

BushCo is pretending to lead a country that is now a laughing stock in the international community, and he is worsening it dramatically since his so-called election. Anyone who thinks appointing right wing fundamentalist religious zealouts to legislate their personal views into public policy is crazy. It is WRONG. There were reasons for separating church and state, and those reasons still exist. Have you been listening to shrub's evanlizing speaches lately? Probably not. Listening to shrub is almost like listening to war of the worlds. Where in the world did this person come from? Oh ya, Texas. Those poor people. I bet they are really ashamed.

If a taoist or buddhist president were elected (wouldn't that be a fine day!) and started legislating their personal agenda into society (not so fine), or ranting about his or her fundamentalist religious beliefs (that would be bad), would the religious right voters stand by and let it happen? NO! Why not? Because it's not THEIR religion. It's fine to expect others to quietly go along with their cultish ideals and efforts to legislate them into schools, the constitution, public offices, etc. That is sick. NO religion should be part of the process.

America may as well have a new logo, to make things more clear. America, compassionate conservatives for legislative bigotry and discrimination! Let's call it what it is. And say it in the name of love and care for our gay and lesbian, minority, and foreign brothers and sisters. The ghost in the sky tells us in his sacred book, after all, how to treat people.

This sacred book refers to people living for hundreds of years, a woman having a baby without having sex, a woman being created out of a man's rib, women being property of men, and... Hey. That book is starting to sound a bit unsportsmanlike toward women. Hmmm.... Maybe I ought to go find myself a good promise keeper so I'm safe.

Millions of people utterly reject the ideals of the religious right, and we want church and state to remain separate. Sadly, we're going backward, right back to the 50's where abortions were illegal because of RELIGIOUS morals, science was frowned upon because of religious morals, and being anything but a white fundamentalist christian implied malevolence or a lack of personal ethics.

And that's just one area of the scary stupidity and ineptness of this administration. John Kerry is inferior to Bush? Bah! Democrats should apologize? For what? Being stuck with crazy fundamentalists who support a liar who is responsible for destroying our international standing and dividing our country in a way similar to the slave era? I think not.

Pril and Spread Eagle, don't pound yourselves too hard on the back. You might fall over. And we democrats are not going to around to pick you up when the rest of the world starts to get a little testy with people like you.

Whoops. Couple of typos, sorry. One, you have not being paying attention in the first paragraph - not you have not been paying.

Second - evangelizing (not evanlizing) in the second paragraph.

The numbers are what they are. Stop snivelling and just deal with it. That's the point. Every election has a winner and a loser, and in that regard there's nothing remarkable about either Kerry or Bush. If the left wants to start winning again, then get a better message, one that will resonate with the voters (psst - snivelling and whining is not it).

my point, get real, is not that Bush was a better candidate. It's that Kerry was such a weak one. Point proven by Bush's reelection, eh? I mean, if Kerry was such a fantastic candidate, why did he lose? Which brings us to... instead of blaming the dem loss of "the idiots and stupids", blame it on Kerry, himself. What a letdown that guy was.

Get Real, you make assumptions about who you're talking to. That I, as a democrat, couldn't make myself vote for the dem candidate i think really says something. The guy i voted for lost, too, and i voted for him because Kerry was such a joke.

Everyone who thinks Kerry is a loser isn't a Republican, y'know, or a right wing nutcase or some psycho from the hinterlands. My vote for a third party candidate was my small protest against mediocrity.

What happened was that Bush was the better politican and campaigner... Kerry is by far a better human being and has better ideas...

I guess 51% of Americans don't know how to handle a quiet intellectual type.

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