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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Here we go

Thanksgiving's almost here. Hard to believe, but the signs are all there. The days are near their shortest -- only a month until the solstice -- and the holiday season is rumbling toward us like a beeping, flashing, tinsel-bedecked steamroller.

The holidays always wind up being tough on me. By New Year's Day, I'm usually a basket case. The highs get really high, but the inevitable lows are really low.

This year, I'm resolving to try something new: a relatively even keel the whole way through. No self-inflicted pressure to experience the Greatest Christmas Ever. Let magic happen, without trying too hard to create it. If it's meant to be, it wil show up.

Is this even possible?

Comments (6)

Every year I get older the holidays get exponentially less spectacular. It's kind of depressing.

Maybe when I have kids it'll start to brighten up again. I hope so.

With the children in the picture, the holidays become more special than ever. But if you're like me, the kids can give you just one more outlet for Type A behavior.

The holidays are inside you as much as they are outside. Kids change some of each, but less dramatically than it might appear.

I think the youngsters need a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere as much as two more extra events, 20% more decorations, and five more presents. So I'm determined to let some things go this time around, not to spite the holidays, but to nurture them.

Try not to forget that what is a Type A Christmas for you is not a Type A Christmas for them. Like when I come home to my munchkins after a long, miserable day (;-)) at LC law, my kids aren't looking for MY idea of a good evening. What they're looking for is me rolling around on the floor and being a human jungle gym. No toys, no crafts, no organization. Keep that in mind for the holidays. The best gift for your kids (or for anyone, for that matter) is a little personal time. I've kept that in mind this year, especially since all Christmas gifts would be paid for by student loans, and that's helped alot with my Grinch-ly disposition.


Image how much fun you could have with 10 tons of counterfeit Legos. Finland confiscated this quantity and plans on burning them.

Thatís enough Legos to get lost in a design project for a year or two. What a waste.

Ohh, Jack, you said "Chistmas." Couldn't you lose tenure for that?

John, why are you so bitter? Your boys are in control of the country right now, we're shedding buckets of blood on a crusade, we're bankrupting the country with corporate and executive welfare, we're about to screw all the gays and pregnant girls who need abortions, and you can't get on an airplane without a body cavity search. I would think you'd be pleased.

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