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Saturday, November 6, 2004

Gotta keep those lovin' good vibrations happenin'

Here's a site where you can apologize to the rest of the world for re-electing Bush.

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I LOVE having guilt heaped upon me by other people. PILE IT ON! How Catholic.

Now see, I'd linked to the original URL and then it vanished by day's end. Thanks for pointing out the update... which I've now pointed to in my post.

In the wake of Tuesday's events, one of the (many) things that have been haunting me is just what the rest of the world must think of us. I think other countries were willing to cut us some slack for the past four years, knowing that Bush lost the popular vote and should have lost the electoral vote, but now.... I do appreciate the apology site, but it looks like the wrong people are apologizing.

Well, take a look at some of the headlines on Nov 3rd around the world:

Germany : Oops! They did it again!

England: How could 69 Million people be so dumb?

Not exact quotes but you get the picture.

Look, the Cowboy (as I now will ONLY refer to Bush by) has endangered not only us, but the world. He gave the finger to our allies and the UN because he had a boner for oil. The rest of the world is less than happy with Americans (let's face it - to others we are not individuals under this regime but a single collective stupid enough to re-elect the Cowboy).

It will be a long, LONG time before any of this gets fixed - if we survive long enough.

On another note, I have heard that the New Zealand immigration office has had an onslaught of American immigrants requesting information on coming over...

Yee Haw!

Look at the bright side - the dollar is falling. And it will probably continue until we acknowledge we have a problem with our defecit.

This president has given no indication he's really interested in fixing the defecit.

Therefore, as long as GW is president, we won't have to explain to our allies what we were thinking because it is too expensive to leave the country.

It's going to take more than an apology on a website to make ME feel better.

How long do you think it'll take before people start photoshopping those pictures?

You guys can whine all you want for the next four years! Maybe you'll get sick of hearing yourselves, too.

Well, the Cowboy's going to have a LOT of more apologizing to do. I'll say this for the old so-and-so, he sticks to his guns.

U.S. policy unchanged after climate report


President Bush is holding fast to his rejection of mandatory curbs on greenhouse gases that are blamed for global warming, despite a fresh report from 300 scientists in the United States and seven other nations that shows Arctic temperatures are rising.


Alaska oil drilling back on agenda


WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican gains in the Senate could give President Bush his best chance yet to achieve his No. 1 energy priority -- opening an oil-rich but environmentally sensitive Alaska wildlife refuge to drilling.

Being a former resident of Alaska (25 years) this last issue really bothers me. Mostly because I can see both the good and bad in it. I guess if I actually trusted him, and didnít know that his overall agenda was to line even more pockets, I might have even voted for it if I were still a resident. As it is, Iíll be getting in touch with my old friends and challenge them to fight it all the way.

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