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Thursday, November 4, 2004

"Calm down, everybody"

"Let's all come together, people." That's what most of the smug right-wing bloggers are saying today. "Tsk, tsk, if you're mad, you're so immature.

"You lost, lefties. Grow up and deal with it. We're going to continue to be an isolationist, war-making nation, and at home your civil rights are going to be sacrificed for the 'war on terra.' Abortion is going to be illegal, dissent is going to be repressed, and the wealthiest among us are going to get even wealthier at the expense of you, the poor and the middle class. It's what the majority wants. So put aside your petty differences and get behind George W. Bush."

As if there were even a slight chance of that happening. The last time I looked at the map, it said "America," a place that isn't going to accept this kind of "leadership" without a fight.

People are furious, and they're going to get more furious. The next four years are going to make the late '60s look like the Age of Aquarius by comparison. The Great Uniter is going to see how United he's not making us. I don't condone angry outbursts, but I know in my heart they are going to happen, again and again. And I fully understand the emotions of the people who are going to vent.

Come to think of it, it's time for a little civil disobedience of my own. I'm taking down all the links to the political pundits (most of them neocons) that I've been carrying on my blogroll. They get enough traffic from their own true believers. They don't need any more from me.

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Good on you for taking down those punditry links, Jack. Personally I avoid them too; they make me just too damn mad.

I'm not exactly one to talk, tho. I still link to atrios; he was one of my first blog habits and I've always liked the cut of his jib. Also democraticunderground.com, because if I'm ever foolish enough to forget why I need to stay mad, they'll remind me.

I visited Michelle Malkin's site once. I'm still getting over it. And if Drudge's website were paper it wouldn't be fit to do...well, you know what.

Ooop. Starting to bloviate myself. Better close.

Sam Klein.

Keep reading us, Jack. I'll keep reading you.
Mover Mike

So, if I'm reading you right, if we were to put this in diplomatic terms, you'd be declaring right-wing bloggers the enemy, closing diplomatic relations, probably stopping just short of declaring culture war.

IMHO, that's the wrong answer. I agree that this is America. And one of the defining characteristics of this country is our willingness to work together for the benefit of all. Another defining characteristic is the idea of the marketplace of ideas. Shutting down access to ideas doesn't educate the electorate, nor does it breed tolerance (which I think you'd agree is worthwhile). We tolerate all kinds of viewpoints in this country. Many of them are probably more repugnant than right wing bloggers. It seems to me like we're getting away from that tolerance and acceptance that should be part and parcel of the American culture.

I don't claim any special wisdom here. I'm just a student. And it's your blogroll, and you'll do what you think is best, of course. But put me down for keeping discourse open, and letting people make up their own minds.

I'm not interested in a "discourse" wherein the Democrats are graciously "open" and the Republicans say, "We won, so screw you."

Obviously, Jack, you are very upset about this election. But if the shoe were on the other foot and Kerry had won 51-48, what would you do? would you say, "well, Kerry won so screw all of the policies that 48 percent of the country supported." looking at your posts of late, i would say you might do the same thing that you are complaining of here. be mindful that you don't become the kettle.

On the protesters. I dissent--I think expressing their displeasure about the President is exactly the right thing to do. It's Portland, and it doesn't make a whole lot of difference, but as engaged citizens, it's one of our most potent forms of addressing our leaders.

It's healthy democracy.

Wait, I'm confused. Marching the sidewalks of downtown Portland without rioting or vandalizing or blockading streets is now an "angry outburst" to be derided even by liberals?

Screw that.

Yeah, I'm with b!x, I was one of those 200 marching yesterday downtown and I sure didn't observe any violence. In fact, we were damn polite, making extra-special sure to stop at crosswalks when the light turned. The cars honking in solidarity was encouraging.

Hey, folks, I didn't "deride" anything. I said, "I don't condone angry outbursts," and I linked to an event at which there were reportedly people in gas masks and several arrests. Why are you reading something into it that isn't there? Sorry if I dared to even hint at something un-PC. Exchanges like this are why I'm so frustrated to be a Democrat. Back off.

When I honked at you, I was saying, "get the hell out my way, you sore loser!"


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