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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A couple of followups

Last week I wrote about the James McManus book Positively Fifth Street, which covered poker and murder. The murder part concerned the trial of a couple accused of killing a member of the Binion family, which runs a prominent Las Vegas casino. In the book, they were found guilty, but they got a new trial. An alert reader points out that the retrial of these defendants ended with their acquittal yesterday.

On another front, The New York Times weighed in today with this editorial about that mysterious little "tax oversight" clause in the budget bill that's causing such a commotion.

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I meant to thank you for the original recommendation--my husband is scheduled for back surgery in December and I plan on getting him this book to read while he convalescing. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOURS!!

It's a good book, but many people are surprised that poker strategy isn't discussed much.

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