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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Shuffling the decades

The oldies radio station here in Portland has suddenly added '70s music to its mix throughout the day. And while the '60s roll on, lots of music from the '50s appears to be on its way off the FM airwaves in these parts.

I suspect this decision was made as part of a a format shift at lots of other stations around the country that use the same playlist.

It's a little disarming when you hit the car radio button that used to give you Neil Sedaka, "Wipe Out," and the Chiffons, and out comes Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, or Joni Mitchell singing "Help Me" instead. But hey, it's been more than 30 years since the early '70s -- if that doesn't make it an oldie, what would? And no doubt the old-timers who mooned and Juned in their primes back in the '50s are getting too old to buy stuff that they hear advertised on the radio.

After a while, we'll get used to it, I guess. Any change to the playlist over there is generally welcome. Those guys usually take the same 100 songs and beat them to death for months on end. "You Were on My Mind"; "The Letter"; "Secret Agent Man." Enough!

When Devo comes on, though, I'm checking myself into a retirement home.

Comments (3)

When they first announced the playlist shift, they insisted it would be gradual, even "barely noticable." Uh, sorry guys. I've noticed. I don't even listen to the station any more than I absolutely have to (when you work there, sometimes you have to for various reasons) and I've noticed.

And of course it's consultant-driven, in much the same way that "classic alternative" became a viable formatting option in the last year. (I still think it's the dumbest oxymoron in radio, but nobody cares what I think.)

I'm still not used to "That 70's show" - Am I really that old? Plus, it's a crummy show. But then, Happy Days was pretty lousy too.

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