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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Season of shame

Can't decide which bothers me more -- this or this.

I'm not all that keen on this, either.

Oh, well. In two weeks it will all be over.

I hope.

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I happen to agree with most of what the ArchBishop says. If you are getting married you follow the rules, you don't say well I'll follow some of the rules, but this monogamy thing(?) I don't know.
Mover Mike

Why bother with registration fraud? I know folks who have gotten 2 or three ballots (one for each residence over the last 5 years). Do you want to vote Early AND Often? Then move to Oregon, then move a round a little more.

Although to be fair, I understand that each county election board checks for multiple ballots (according to the Lars Larson Show). The cracks in the system are really starting to show.

Why don't they check before they send them out?

When they get multiple ballots back from the same person, which one gets thrown out? Both?

Vote by mail is scary.

I am registered to vote in both Virginia and Oregon. I'm curious which state I should vote in.

Oregon is a swing state, but I'm pretty confident it is going to Kerry. And Virginia really has a decent shot of pulling an upset and going for Kerry.

Or I could just vote in both states... who would know?

I live in Multnomah County. I recieved two cards confirming my registration - one to my old address, and one because I registered at my new address with some kid from ACT.

But I only recieved one ballot.

Am I being unfairly denied the same opportunity to commit electoral fraud as everyone else is getting?

I have moved every year for 5 years, always recieved ONE ballot, and one ballot only. What worries me more are the goon squads trying to pick up our ballots.

Yeah, well it will take a Florida-style disaster before Oregon realizes that our cheap, convenient, friendly system is actually rotten to the core.

" Catholics need to vote but should do so in accordance with the moral teachings of the church,"

BWAHAHAHA. Surely they can't be serious! Vote for child rapists?

Commenting back at Bojack's original slant, I am too bothered by the increasing vociferousness that borders on hatefulness in the rhetoric of this year's campaign.

We are a polarized nation, so much so that I believe it threatens the very underpinnings of democracy and respect for democracy. Lawyers are already being lined up on both sides to challenge any and all close election results throughout the country.

At some point we are going to have learn to get along with each other or disintegrate as nation.

Sad, but true.

I'm obviosly from the left side of the spectrum but I recognize the need to listen.

I will also be happy when this election cycle is over. But our collective national, dysfunctional situation will not go away.

Jack - Is the vote-by-mail system run by the same people who installed the billing system at the Water Bureau? Or put in the computer system for the DMV? So far, that seems to be the best explanation.

My wife recently had her name legally changed. She received two ballots, one in each name. Could she have voted twice? Would anyone have noticed? I don't know; she destroyed the one in her old name, being the honest woman that she is.

I find it interesting that the vote by mail signatures are evaluated in a fraction of a second to determine whether they match while petition signatures are studied for minutes at a time.

I doubt Norm Frink's vote by mail signature will receive the same scrutiny as his Nader petition signature. Election offices do not have an incentive to hold these signatures to the same standard.

Nobody knows when their petition signature is thrown out, but the elections offices are required to contact voters when they toss out a ballot.

Same signatures, but different standards of care.

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