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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Not enough information

For a while now, I've been enjoying The Appliance Blog, the daily journal of a Sears appliance repairman in Springfield, Oregon. It's one of the best reads in the Pacific Northwest zone of the blogosphere.

At times, though, the posts leave the reader dying to know more about the service calls in question. For example, here is a recent entry, and my embellishment, to illustrate the kind of content expansion I'd like to see:

2003 Sears Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator (Frigidaire built): Leaking water in refrigerator section in defrost cycle, Needs upgraded ferrule, part#240365901, replaced, worked great.

The appliance owner in this case was an attractive woman in her mid-30's, who came to the door in a very brief spandex workout suit. "I don't know what's wrong," she said as she led me by the hand to her kitchen, which was filled with the fragrance of French perfume. "Whenever I try to break the ice, the walls of the fridge just get covered in sweat. The water beads up and drips, drips, ever so slowly and languidly into the vegetable compartment. And when I reach in for a zucchini, it's wetter than I've ever felt."

1999 Maytag SxS Refrigerator: Not giving ice from front ice dispenser, Found bad Control Board, part#61003425 and Switch-Limit, part#61005520

This unit was owned by a retired trucker who reeked of Salems and bad rye whiskey. Before working on the ice dispenser unit, I had to clear large wads of what appeared to be animal hair from the drain grate. Halfway through changing the control board, I felt something wet and warm on my right ankle. Looking down, I saw to my surprise a small, shaved terrier who was relieving himself on my Doc Marten workboots. "Sorry, pal," the trucker said. "He's been having some problems lately."

Comments (5)

I love the Appliance Blog! (Although it always makes me feel remorseful for not purchasing the extended warranty on my expensive washer....)

LOL, I love it Jack!
You bet , i wish it was that exciting on my appliance route everyday!

Thanks Shelley for your nice comment!
You can always still purchase the extended warranty if the washer is working fine at the time you buy it up to 5 years from the date of purchase.

HAHA! OK, I'm glad I'm not the only one who reads that site and thinks that same thing. I'm always curious as to the people you meat in a business like that.

i dig the appliance blog too :) Has anyone seen anything like it by an auto repair guy? Y'know, like, "86 Monte Carlo towed in. Owner says it goes 'Vroooom, puh puh phhsssst'. Whacked MASS with 9/16 box end wrench, after which it died. Replaced MASS."

Now I'm missing my handyman ... God, everyone should have a handyman. But dammit, why couldn't he be satisfied with just sex? But no. He said handymen have feelings too. Shit, it just started to get too complicated.

Oh, well. Anyone know a good plumber?

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