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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Nick's still upbeat

Portland City Council candidate Nick Fish tells me he's still confident as the election moves into the final week. A poll in today's Portland Tribune has him up 5 percent over his rival, Sam Adams. He's got TV and radio ads going, and in response to some "constructive criticism," he's gotten some more lawn signs out. Fish still thinks he's going to win.

I hope he's right. As I've said here more than a few times, Adams is a Macchiavellian leftover from the Vera Katz era -- an era that we all need to put an end to, and fast. He was the mayor's economic development "expert" at a time when we lost businesses and jobs, with all our efforts going into ugly subsidized condo towers and gigantic wastes of money like the Convention Center expansion and PGE Park. Sorry, Sam, you need to do some penance for all that, in the state legislature or on the county commission.

But as a Fish fan, I'm not brimming with confidence. The Tribune polls are not the world's most accurate; even they show a huge undecided bloc; and maybe it's just my media habits, but I haven't heard or seen a Fish ad since the primary.

Guess we'll be biting our nails on this one right up to the end.

UPDATE, 10/26, 11:00 p.m.: I finally heard a Fish ad on the radio. It's an endorsement by (nondisgraced) former Gov. Barbara Roberts, and it aired on Radio America, or whatever the Al Franken network is called.

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Fish brings a fresh view to the management of the city of Portland. He's lived in Portland long enough to have an insider/outsider perspective. Adams is all insider. I want a smart guy with stong Democratic ideals who understands Portland will not thrive without good economic development. Fish can find the moderate middle, while Adams is too extreme for our, (dare I say it) growing city.

Adams is too wired into the old money, one would think he lives in Dunthorpe. (yes, I know he grew up poor)

I think this race will go down to the wire. I have met more undecided voters in this race than supporters for either candidate. Generally, undecided voters like both candidates in this race. I had one person tell me they voted for Sam Adams after seeing the lawn sign in my yard - lawn signs CAN make a difference! My wife and I split our votes in this race, so I really do think it will be very tight.

BTW, Adams is not extreme. Adams is results-oriented and will look for solutions to the existing problems of Portland. He knows how the city works from all those years as Chief of Staff so he will be effective. I won't badmouth Fish because I don't think there is any reason to, I just think Adams will hit the ground running.

Yes, but running for whom? As far as I can see, it's Homer Williams. Homer already has Erik to whisper sweet nothings to. That's enough for my taste.


Do you honestly believe that Nick Fish won't be listening and doing the bidding of Homer Williams every bit as much as your friend Randy Leonard and/or Sam Adams?

I have some nice waterfront property for sale in the Everglades if you do.

I honestly think that of the three of them, Adams would be the most in Homer's pocket. Sam owes Homer lots more favors than anyone else you mention, due to all the Sammy lawn signs he's purchased. Plus, there's a proven track record of coziness between the two of them that's visible all around the tax-subsidized Pearl.

Fish will likely be a political slut, too, but at least the unions and some others will get some pork along with the Real Estate Development Welfare Recipients.

It's a choice between a faint glimmer of hope, and a certain disaster.

Look closely at Adam's ties to Williams. Homer has his fingerprints all over Portland development.

That's what I mean, Adams is beholden, wired and gawd knows who else he owes favors to around town. Homer's Oddessy continues.

.. we'll be biting our nails on this one right up to the end ..

in the meantime enjoy this lovely piece of commentary on the subject you tend to cover often.


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