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Thursday, October 28, 2004

It's just a jump to the right

Whatever happened to moderate Republicans in Oregon?

Now we've got Mark Hatfield backing George "Pre-emptive War" Bush. Jack Roberts and his boy Jim Zupancic are out making "greedy trial lawyers" the issue of the day.

They're all getting behind tightie-righties like Betsy Close and Goli Ameri. And they stand by silently while misleading attack ads imply obvious falsehoods, such as Geraldine Ferraro or John McCain endorsing Ameri.

Kevin Mannix wins all the arguments over there, I guess. What next: Bob Packwood switching from box wine to Budweiser?

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I got some piece of trash in the mail today from Jim Zupancic about how marriage should only be between one man and one woman. "Stop the anti-family liberals!" it screamed. What a f*cker.

Isn't Zupancic, an attorney himself, a partner in a large law firm that includes "trial lawyers" and, if so, does he not directly benefit from the fees earned on contingency in their cases?

A point of personal privilege. I support Jim Zupancic, but I am not responsible for his campaign and have not personally made greedy trial lawyers the issue of the day. Some of my best friends are greedy trial lawyers.

But I would also say that Jim Zupancic and Goli Ameri are not tightie-righties. As for Betsy Close, she is definitely a conservative, but I'm proud to say she supported me in the gubernatorial primary in 2002, not Kevin Mannix (in my mind, prima facie evidence of balance and reasonableness).

He he! Jack, you're still my favorite Republican.

Zupancic used to be with Davis, Wright Tremaine; don't know if he actually left, is on sabbatical, or what these days...

According to the Oregon State Bar website, he is still with DWT:

Bar Number: 86323
Status: Active
Mailing Address: James David Zupancic
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
1300 SW 5th Ave Ste 2300
Portland OR 97201

County: Multnomah
Phone: 503-778-5305
Fax: 503-778-5299
Email: jimzupancic@dwt.com
Website: www.dwt.com

The attorney rallying against trial attorneys, that is a good one.

True moderate Republicans, like myself, are actually drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, and weeping into them.

"True moderate Republicans, like myself, are actually drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, and weeping into them."

Pow. I grew up in moderate-Republican Oregon. I weep for those days, too, and for what I think are unsupportably awful Democrats ruling (especially) Portland & Multnomah County.

Hatfield showed up at the first conference to announce Bush's bid for Oregon in this election. He looked & sounded quite doddering. It would seem to belie his past, but party uber alles, most of the places most of the time -- even when they (quite frightfully) change.

Zupancic is still at DWT. I found it hilarious that he bagged on trial lawyers while he and his partners at DWT are waiting for the motherload of contingency fees to come in. You see, Mr. Zupancic's trial lawyer partners represented some of the plaintiffs in the Exxon Valdez case way back in 1989 and have yet to get their hands on their share of the $5 billion (do your best Dr. Evil imitation here) punitive damage award as it bounces from the 9th Circuit back to District Court back to the 9th Cir. Sources tell me that each partner that was around back in the 90's stands to reap anywhere from 1 to 3 year's draw.

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