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Friday, October 29, 2004

Dear John Kerry

If you're elected next Tuesday, can we please stop calling it "the homeland"? And get rid of the "colors of terror" nonsense?

It sounds like the old Soviet Union. Or bad science fiction. Or "1984." Or the 19th Century.

We don't need p.r. mind games. We need leadership.

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Kerry has already said he's getting rid of the terror color codes. Hope is on the way!

My sentiments exactly. It has always given me the creeps to hear the Bushies refer to the Homeland. Isn't that what the South Africans called their concentration camps?

I'd like to add to the request. If Kerry is elected and it is another razor-thin margin, for the sake of not dividing the nation any further I hope that Kerry recognizes (unlike Bush) that he does not have some sort of sweeping mandate.

I've been confused from the very beginning of the current Bush administration as to why they have consistently acted as if they had an overwhelming mandate to cram every conservative and neo-con policy down the throats of the USA.

well said Jack. everytime i hear Dept. Of Homeland Security, i want to break in to song - "Deutchland Deutchland Uber alles, uber alles...."

you get the point. i wouldn't mind a nice re-evaluation of the electoral college either.

I heartily agree! I'm sick of the stupid and meaningless "let's be scared of our neighbors" rainbow. And "homeland" always sounded like we were all going to be shipped out to some camp some place.

To Hilsy: Perhaps it's just the head-in-the-sand effect from keeping all dissenting opinions out of Dubya's earshot/line of sight.

Amen! Whoever thought of "homeland security" anyway?

Let's change it to "Motherland" or "Fatherland". And we can set the terror alert permanently to magenta; a significant possibility that something could happen sometime.

How bizarre. I was thinking about exactly the same thing on my walk home from the MAX station last night. I very nearly posted about it. Then again, more people read your site than mine, so it's best that you did this one instead. =)

About a week after 9-11 I emailed the White House to tell the President that, while I wished him well in the fight against terrorism, I wished he'd stop using the term "evil-doers." I also suggested he wipe that grin off his face when he was trying to be serious. He didn't reply.

I think he should simply declare peace. That oughta do it.

Isn't brett's implication correct - that the Nazis called Germany, literally, the homeland? It would be interesting to see if modern Germany has outlawed the expression, like they outlaw publishing denials of the holocaust, etc. To extend the analogy even further, maybe if GWB is elected again, we should split the county up like post-WWII Germany. The backward red part could languish, while the blue part gets rich. Then we could all get back together in 50 years.

unfortunately, you won't get leadership with kerry either. this is the man with a "plan" but he can't tell us what it is. his whole campaign is about "i'm not him." he hasn't stood up for anything other than that. if you really look at it, his supporters only care about this too. for better or worse, at least we know where dubya stands.

I know where dubya stands and I utterly and completely disagree with him. Does that mean I should still vote for the idiot (GW that is)?

I'd miss the moniker, actually. It'd make it hard to make those jokes about "Heimat Sichherheitdeinst".

I wouldn't miss it that much tho.

Sam Klein.

Watching Osama Bin Ladin's latest videotape, it certainly occurred to me that the most pressing issue facing our country is changing the name of the Department of Homeland Security and getting rid of the color-coded terrorist warnings.

Jack, it's too bad you weren't on the Titanic. Those deck chairs were in all the wrong places!

Watching Osama Bin Ladin's latest videotape, it certainly occurred to me that the timing could not have been better for Bush.

Lucky bastage.

When I see that OBL has made another video for us all, I think of how inept our intelligence and military are. And what a dope we have running both.

Well now I like the term homeland. And I think the colors for the different levels of terror is brilliant.

The term homeland brings to my mind the idea of the heartland or grass roots or any other homey little phrase. I like it. It comforts me.

And my ballot is already mailed in. I voted for Bush!

how's about somewhere*over*the*rainbow*land?


thanks for proving my point. you don't agree with bush and that's why you support kerry. but doesn't it seem weird to not really care that kerry has not campaigned on a vision of his own, rather just a vision absent bush. if somebody wants to vote this way, i have no problem with it, just that i think it is devoid of any real substantive debate or discussion of the issues.

MB'S Reply too me:
As far as you're concerned my friends and our families that are organizing against the PJTTF are terrorist sleaper cells. Let me tell you this. This sleaper has awakened, and the hour of your rule will end.

WOW! "SLEAPER CELLS" sounds scary!

Dear MB,

Take a deep breath, ALL WILL BE OK, trust me!

The "out of control diatribe" on OREGON BLUE, you posted is about what I expected from the so-called "progressive's here in PDX.

But guess what? ITS NOT WORTH THE TIME YOU TOOK TO DO IT, If you, your house, your car, your kids school, your kids, your wife, your cat, your dog,(OK)not your dog, but your damn DNA for sure is blown up by a radical group of Muslims bent on one thing worldwide..that being killing you.


I know you people operate on "feelings and emotion" but reality is a bitch.

Wakeup....any measure of loss of so-called freedom, means NOTHING IF YOUR DEAD.

I know this all will not sit well, I KNOW better then too say that if we all don't fight...none of what I READ FROM YOU..OR YOU FROM ME, will not matter if we are dead.

Lastly...Its no use, I should no better then to try too debate when one side has already lost it.......and I DON'T MEAN THE ELECTION.

Posted by: Jack Peek | October 31, 2004 09:02 PM

POSTED TO MB.. THE PROGRESSIVE PDXER! PS. All this over Randy Leonard's desire to remove PDX from Joint terror task force..... a STUPID idea!

*blink, blink* ...the hell?

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