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Friday, September 24, 2004

Wish I'd said that

Portland City Council candidate Nick Fish has proposed a great use for the gigantic rolls of unwanted plastic (the subject of the recent eBay scandal) that was supposed to cover the city's reservoirs. As b!X has reported it:

[Fish] reiterated his oppositon to reservoir burial and to filtration at Powell Butte. He then offered one idea to make money: Take the reservoir covers recently embroiled in the eBay fiasco and turn them into a "slip and slide" for Marquam Hill instead of building an aerial tram to OHSU.

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The Slip 'n' Slide gets the doctors down the hill. How to get them up again? I understand that there's some surplus piping. If it's big enough (say about 3' diameter) then it could be buried along the Slip 'n' Slide route and used as a pneumatic tube. The docs could get into little capsules at the waterfront, then be shot up the tube to Pill Hill. Maybe part of the tube could be made of Plexiglas and left above ground level where it goes through the park, to provide a quick peek at the city.

Fish has a GREAT idea! Let's make it happen!

OPB aired that particular City Club on Friday. That Fish is a witty guy.

This idea was repeated (stolen?) for an editorial cartoon in the 9/28 Portland Tribune. Some of the other ideas in the cartoon are pretty good too...


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