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Thursday, September 9, 2004

We'll always have the blogosphere

Today I had lunch with John Dunshee, proprietor of the blog Just Some Poor Schmuck, headquartered down the Willamette Valley a ways. John's political leanings and mine are very different in most areas, but we're in sync in at least a few others. Like me, he's a good old middle-aged white guy who digs computers and cares about what's going on in the world around him.

Pursuant to our prior arrangement, we dined on burgers and Cokes. The venue: Giant Burger down in Lake Oswego. I even indulged in some onion rings. And so now, obviously, it's time for a workout.

Nice to meet John in person after our many cyber-exchanges.

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BTW, the sign mentioned in the news story is gone. Driving up to the place, for a minute, I thought they had closed the joint down completely.

Hands down, Giant Burger is the best.

Giant Burger was the best!

I remeber driving by there some years ago, the sign out front read "NOW FIRING"... Wish I had a camera...

"NOW FIRING", that's classic.

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