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Monday, September 20, 2004

Was it something we said?

I used to try to hold out 'til October 1 each year before turning on the furnace. But when we got home last evening and it was 63 degrees in the house, I headed right over to the thermostat and flipped the switch from "Cool" to "Heat."

Summer sure took off early, and in a hurry.

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I thought I was the only one who had nutsy rules and stuff. Like: I will NOT wear anything resembling a coat or sweater until AFTER my birthday; or, I will NOT turn on the heat until -- yep, October too!


But I did weaken and turn on the furnace this past weekend. I flipped it back off, though, when the old hot flashes kept me just warm enough.

Wimps! I stuck it out at 58. Of course, I wore a polarfleece coat all night -- indoors -- and the fact that the furnace was waiting for a fitting helped me avoid turning it on.

Summer early, long & hot -- fall early, and headed to be long, cold winter they say.

Global warming = extreme weather. The thought can't but plicken.

turned our furnace on last night for the first time ever - new house - hey, it worked.

i always look forward to the nice september weather but in my long time in oregon i cannot recall a september like this. oh well, you can't always get what you want.

I saw my breath this morning, but I haven't cranked the heat. That doesn't happen until fall :)

Conserve energy, Jack.
I always keep my thermo at 62 degrees.
Healthy and comfortable.


Sixty-two? Comfortable? Yikes.

Well, you have to wear a shirt.

Well, he is the Young Jack right? Youth always can handle the cold. I keep seeing snowboarders in like a teeshirt and denim shorts...

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