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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Here's an especially sleazy tale I missed as I was going out of town.

"Reunite the Park Blocks! It will be like Barcelona!"

Sure, Neil. And we taxpayers can buy them from you and your power lunch pals. What did you think -- if you demolished the Virginia Cafe, the ghosts that live there would stop haunting you?

Man, these people have no shame whatsoever. It's time for Oregon voters to get rid of them and all their lieutenants. Starting with Mr. Moyer's good buddy.

Then maybe the decent people of this state can take a good, long shower.

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I was wrong about Portland becoming 'Potterville' from "It's a Wonderful Life." I'm not sure how, exactly, but I'm off a little bit. Maybe if Neil was in a wheelchair and wore glasses, then other people would see what you see going on, Jack.

Bidwell lives in Camas? Maybe the smell isn't from the paper mill after all...

I don't understand the Virginia Cafe reference.

The plan was crazy anyway. Look at a map. The north park blocks and the south park blocks don't match up. It wouldn't be a straight line, it would have to be a block "jog."

And downtown Portland actually has plenty of parks and open spaces anyway, by national standards. In addition to the two park blocks, we have the two blocks between 4th and 3rd by the City Hall, the Chinese Garden, and that forlorn block south of Powells - the name escapes me right now.

And, how could I forget Waterfront Park?

Don't forget about Mill Ends Park!!

The Virginia Cafe reference is to a story (WWeek?) which mentioned that the woman who was molested by NG used to hang out at the VC and, if I remember the article correctly, "tell anyone who would listen to her" about being molested by NG.

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