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Monday, September 13, 2004

Travel alert

If you're heading to Eugene on Friday, you might want to wear a helmet. Old Dick Cheney's coming to town, and I'm sure he'll be reminding everyone how a vote for John Kerry is a vote for Al Qaeda.

You know the patchouli oil will be flowing outside the barbed-wire fence surrounding that speech. Teva's with socks will be mandatory.

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Jack, the kids today are wearing Chacos, not Tevas. Just thought you'd appreciate the style pointer.

And don't forget this equal-opportunity traffic alert: According to this report, John Edwards will hold a rally Tuesday at Clackamas Community College, attend a $500-per-plate fundraiser at the Benson and then "is scheduled to fly out of PDX at about 5 p.m." And all know what that means for the Banfield...

Gotta love Eugene. The flock of Anarchists protesting should be good entertainment.

I better call my Grandma to make sure she brings a jacket -- for sure she'll be in the midst of all the trouble and she'll want protection from the water hoses.

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