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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Thank you, Ted McAniff

Governor Ted has kicked Lady Diana Goldschmidt off the Oregon Investment Council while the state conducts a further investigation into her vote to invest state funds in Texas Pacific Group, allegedly just as her husband was going into a lucrative partnership with TPG.

Well, it's about damn time.

Although the media accounts aren't saying so, I'll bet the governor's action was taken in response to findings of investigator Ted McAniff, a retired L.A. corporate lawyer and professor at the University of Oregon Law School. McAniff was brought in just a month ago to take a look at the situation, and it looks to me as though he didn't waste any time saying what he thought.

Good for him.

It's ironic and sad that Oregonians need an L.A. lawyer to point out the ethical lapses in government up here. But if, as I suspect, that's what happened, we owe McAniff a debt of gratitude.

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I think a Billy Idle song is titled "More, More, More."

Jack - It's not ironic, it's just sad that PDX can't handle the truth. For all of the hippy-love that should be flowing in the streets, PDX leaders tolerate too much corruption (as you've noticed). Fortunately, in this isolated case, outside help brought enough light to scatter the coachroaches.

Jack, any comment on Steve Duin's piece this morning about the alleged conflict at Ater Wynne over the whole PGE-Texas Pacific thingie?

By the way, you seem to think poorly of Texas Pacific, but also poorly of a municipal takeover. What do you want to see happen?


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