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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sacred ground

Belmar, New Jersey, August 6, 2004

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To which we say:

Got no time for the corner boys
Down in the street makin' all that noise
Don't want no whores on Eighth avenue
Cause tonight I'm gonna be with you

Cause tonight I'm gonna take that ride
Across the river to the Jersey side
Take my baby to the carnival
And I'll take you on all the rides
Down the shore everything's all right
You with your baby on a Saturday night, yeah
Don't you know all my dreams come true
When I'm walkin' down the street with you...

...you Jersey girl.

So, did you actually go to the Late Show? If I ever get to NY, that's definitely a goal. If so, how was it?

We did attend the Late Show, on May 13, 2002. It was fantastic.

While we're on the subject, let me brag about the time Dave read my letter in Viewer Mail. I was Letter No. 1!

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