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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Last visit

I hate it when guests drop in unexpectedly.

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Tried to read the KGW article, but the KGW site refused to let me register & I couldn't contact them about this problem. (I really tried, but the frustration level just kept climbing.) Crap, I hate this registration bull!

Try here. (But KGW had a photo.)

I've known several fellow pilots who have attempted "do it yourself" cremated remains spreading. It usually doesn't work out. Some light planes have been professionally modified to perform this task, but if you try to dump your dear departed out of the open door of a Cessna, they usually blow back into your face. You are then vacuuming them out of the carpeting and upholstery for the next several months. Or, as in this case, the bag doesn't open and it's "bombs away".

my question is, of all places, why would someone want to be spread over Forest Grove?

"I feel for those people. But I think some of their relative is still in our attic."

The last line really sells it..

Interesting that someone would try to scatter ashes by just dropping the bag. These people will probably appear soon in the local Darwin Arwards...

The dropper of the bag is never going to live it down. S/He will always be the one who dropped Uncle Bill out of the airplane....

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