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Monday, September 20, 2004

And then there were two

The Tucson archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church has filed for bankruptcy protection, joining the Portland archdiocese in an effort to have claims related to priestly sex abuse of children dismissed or paid cents-on-the-dollar. In the Tucson case, plaintiffs are complaining that the archdiocese has been transferring assets to related entities on the eve of trial -- in their minds improperly attempting to avoid liability. In all the wrangling about the Portland archbishop's institutional wealth, I haven't heard that kind of charge, at least not yet.

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Aarrgghhhh, don't even get me started!

Being a Protestant, WWP hasn't a horse in this race, but he is curious: Does news like this play differently, or similarly, between those who claim the Catholic faith today and those who were raised Catholic and no longer claim the faith? One hypothesis is that the anger and hurt is evening distributed between them. True, or not? [Not trying to stir things up unnecessarily; WWP is genuinely interested.]


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