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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Accentuate the positive

O.k., this blog has gotten much too negative again. Time to lighten up. For the next 48 hours, no negative posts.

Of course, that could mean no posts at all -- oops, does that comment count as a negative in and of itself?

Comments (2)

Now, Jack, how can you take this political stuff so seriously.
My poor old silver haired daddy, Oldjack, who remembers way back says he remembers back when Neil Goldschmidt was the Liberal Golden Boy. Even while he was doing the hanky panky. Now he regrets the hanky but he remembers the panky with a certain fondness.
And what did he lead to? Vera Katz and Randy Leonard. Leonard is set up for it. The holistic approach to politics! What's that? Something he thought up in the john down at the Fire House when the guys were all sitting around admiring each other's pendicle?
Shee. The sooner the better.
Then there's this Francesconi guy. 'One Portland, One Future.' Anybody care to guess what that means? Whatever it means I don't want it.
I tell ya, Jack, 'Jokers to the left of me, clowns to the right.' Balance! Balance, that's what the world needs now.
Don't let's us get stoned out over politics.

Jack - I'm positive that your idea is not negative!

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