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Monday, September 27, 2004

20 more reasons to vote for Tom Potter

The latest campaign contribution disclosure reports are out here in Oregon, and the contrast between Portland mayoral candidates Jim Francesconi and Tom Potter couldn't be in any starker relief. While Potter lists 126 pages of contributions -- virtually all of them moms and pops who gave him $100 or less since the primary election -- Francesconi's reports are full of contributions from the usual big-money suspects, who are doubtlessly hoping he'll become mayor and insure the continuation of business as usual at City Hall.

Among Jim-Bob's bankrollers (all figures since the primary):

Clear Channel - $2,500
Liberty Northwest - $2,500
Homer Williams - $3,500
Joe Weston - $1,000, w/American Property Management - another $2,405
Hoyt Street Properties - $1,000
Franklin Piacentini - $1,000
Jay Zidell - $1,500
James Winkler - $2,500
Naito Corporation - $2,500
North Pacific Group Inc. - $2,000
Sergeants Towing - $1,000
Tom Walsh - $1,000
Natural Gas PAC - $2,500
Hewlett Packard - $2,500
Umpqua Bank - $5,000
Hilton Hotels - $2,000
Gerdlen Edling Development - $2,500
Bank of America - $1,500
Wayne Kingsley, "investment manager" - $6,000, w/Joan Kingsley, "florist," same address - another $1,000
Daniel Hilferty of Ardmore, Pa., "health industry executive" - $1,500

And there's lots more, including some people with notable last names whose spouses or other relatives are part of the local power elite. Guess the real shot-callers didn't want their names mentioned. Careful, folks!

With this list, any hope Francesconi has of passing himself off as an agent of change seems almost laughable. As Granny Bogdanski used to say, "Show me your friends, and I'll show you who you are."

I'm tired of living in a city where all the big decisions are being made in secret by folks like those on the Francesconi list. For that reason alone, I'm more enthusiastic than ever to join the 126 pages of small donors in backing Tom Potter.

* * * * *

One last point about the campaign disclosures before signing off for now: Last night I posted some very complimentary comments about City Council candidate Nick Fish, even going so far as saying, "Trust me. When it comes to breaking the stranglehold that the developers and the West Hills Old Money have on Portland, he's the real deal." Looking at his list of campaign contributors today, however, I'm very surprised, and not in a good way. More on that later.

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I've only just started skimming through today's reports. I noticed that one Ed Grosswiler contributed $100 to Fish. A small amount, but for whatever it's worth, Grosswiler is a former Francesconi campaign person who was involved (on Communique in addition to elsewhere) in the primary-era attempt to smear Potter by blaming him for the activity of the independent GoPotterGo! PAC.

It's not the $100 items that bother me about Fish.

Well, no, I figured. I just thought it was an interesting random item.

A 21st reason would be that the "Scone" is a weasel, but maybe you've already mentioned that.

Well you may be botherd by the Names on Fish's list, but I'm bothered by the Numbers on Adam's list:

Ending Cash Balance: $ 6,853.81
Accounts Receivable: $0
Total Outstanding Loans: $57,600.00
Outstanding Personal Expenditures: $ 0
Accounts Payable: $ 2,462.32
Balance/Deficit -$53,208.51

It's also irritating to look at the contribution list and see how far down the pecking order I am. It's hardly worth the bother of investing $500 or $1000 to be behind so many people in the line for access.

Yes, it looks like ol' St. Nick has been feeding at the same slimy money trough as the usual City Hall wannabes:

Clear Channel
Hoyt Street Properties (the Homer Williams clan)
Melvin "Pete" Mark
Naito Corp
Rev. Bob Pamplin
Singers (of NW 23rd and parking garage fame)
Al Solheim (major Pearl District developer)
Peter Stott

Face it...when it comes to the Fish/Adams race you are looking at two sides of the same coin...and if you don't think so, you are horribly naive.

Here's another fun game:


Search for who various local figures contributed to on the national level. For example, Tom Moyer gave $1000 to Bush.


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