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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Whatever happened to 7-Up?

When I was a boy, there was only one serious lemon-lime soda pop, and that was 7-Up. "You like it, it likes you."

Somewhere along the line of my youth, Coca-Cola introduced something caled Sprite (cousin to the orange Fanta, and to the first "diet Coke," called Tab). No one took it seriously then. But Coke is one wicked, rough player in the soda distribution game, and it hung in there with its own brand for decades.

Now Sprite has taken over. My daughter couldn't tell you what 7-Up is, but she'll ask for a Sprite now and then.

Pepsi's throwing its weight around now, too, with something called Sierra Mist. In Pepsi shops, that's what you get, whereas in Coke shops, it's Sprite.

You can still buy 7-Up in the supermarket, but try ordering one in an eating establishment. It's impossible. That old 7-Up sign in the Hollywood district of Portland? Gone in favor of the King of Beers. Guess it's nearly lights out for 7-Up, literally and figuratively.

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7-Up = Better Than Sprite Can Ever Hope To Be.

All pop or the eastern version,soda, should be outlawed by the Geneva convention. Bring back the Piel's frosty.Now that was a bubbly; a skinfull of that instantly produced hair.

A few years ago, the 7-Up bottler in Portland went broke and stopped bottling the product. (The parent company distributes the syrup to local franchisees -- the bottlers -- who then add water and carbonation and sell the six-packs to local stores.) For several months, 7-Up simply wasn't available in Portland. It's back, but just barely.

Make 7 Up Yours is still a classic slogan. I loved those t-shirts.

Trying ordering ANY cola except RC Cola in any, uh, "adult" establishment in Portland. I've yet to find even one where there was any choice by RC. What, does the RC distributor have "connections"? It's not like Coke or Pepsi are exactly unknown.

I love 7-Up. I remember my first time trying Sprite/Slice/Sierra Mist. None as clear and crisp, all left a film in my mouth. 7-Up is so clear and refreshing, makes my mouth water just typing about it.

I call for a boycott of non-7-Up un-cola's. Let's make our voices heard.

heartell it is used as chemtrails? actually, are chemtrails for real? I was told of them recently and I am befuddled.

I always thought 7-Up was owned by parent company Pepsi. Then, to compete, Coke brought out Sprite. I remember in the 80's 7-Up was THE choice.

"Never had it, never will" was their non-caffienated push. It was the soda my mom would let me drink every now and then for that exact reason.

So I'm confused by the new "Sierra Mist" by Pepsi, but that seems to be targeted at a young black audience, so maybe they are segmenting their market (7-Up for the older white ladies during teatime at the club.)

From sodamuseum.com:

"In 1988, the Dr Pepper Company merged with the Seven Up Company. In 1995 the Dr Pepper/7up company was bought by Cabury Schweppes. They are now the third-largest soft drink company in the world."

When the Laquedem children would fall ill with stomach upsets, many years ago, Venerable Mom Laquedem always gave us 7-Up. Never Sprite. It worked.

From 6/21/2002, in Beverage Digest: Two Biggest Pepsi Bottlers Will Drop 7UP for Sierra Mist.
Pepsi's Brand and 3rd-Tier Bottlers Will Benefit.

6/25/2002, from the PepsiAmericas distribution site: PepsiAmericas Will Market Sierra Mist Throughout Its U.S. Markets

From the latter:

"..the Company will continue to offer 7Up in Puerto Rico, where the brand is owned by Cadbury Schweppes and in Central Europe where the brand is owned by Pepsi Beverages International…introduced in October of 2000, Sierra Mist addresses teen and young adult consumers"

But it looks like 7-Up is mounting a comeback of sorts in this recent (8/18/2004) MSNBC article: 7Up mixes up a slightly healthier option -- with fruit juice and added calcium and Vitamin C, no less (and sweetened with Splenda instead.) It'll be launched later this year with an advertising campaign featuring Regis & Kelly & two of the Sex and The City girls. Say it isn't so...

I grew up near the 7-Up building, passed it all the time. I miss the mystery of the big plant that was in the middle of the city.

I also miss the "Crisp and clean, with no caffeine!" commercials. The ones featuring the Bad Guy from "Live and Let Die" were the best!

Ricardo Montalban wants you to know that 7-up, while good for what ails you, doesn't smell as good as fine corinthian leather.

The best lemon-lime drink is Bubble-Up. It used to be everywhere when I was a kid, but then disappeared in the early 1980's. It occasionally surfaces - most recently when my wife was in Food Liquidators - excuse me, I mean Grocery Outlet - and found it. She bought me several twelve-packs, which are almost gone. It's not as sickly-sweet as Sprite, and it's the best, in my opinion. Bring it back!

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