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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What? No heart condition?

B!X broke the news tonight that Jason Sery, the Portland police officer who shot James Jahar Perez last spring, has quit law enforcement altogether. He's going to teach in a Christian school.

He says the controversy swirling around him since he killed Perez has nothing to do with his decision. Yeah, right.

Still to come: the civil lawsuits.

Comments (2)

Not shocking, considering how many other miscreants have used the same strategy in the past.
He's probably been advised that his only chance with a jury in the pending wrongful death
case is embracing Jesus, and sporting a new halo!

This is no "new halo" for Ofc. Sery, he was quite religious before the shooting. I know because he and I spoke last year about his work at the church, and I believe his commitment to his faith came up a couple other times during conversations before the shooting.

I understand your skepticism and who knows what advice he's received, but it's most certainly not a "new halo".

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