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Friday, August 20, 2004

Life's amazing coincidences

Today I got an e-mail message from a long-lost childhood play friend with a long, hard-to-pronounce Polish surname.

At just about the same time, my friend Fred e-mails me this joke:

A Pole goes to the ophthalmologist, who shows him a card with the letters

'C Z W X N Q S T A C Z'.

"Can you read this?" he asks.
"Read it?" the Pole replies, "I know the guy!"

Funny joke. Eerie coincidence.

Comments (5)

Obviously the Polska knew the guy; the Poles are the super race, or so says my father in law.
Reminds me of one from the late sixties: what do you call 12 Poles standing on a corner wearing turbans? A packastanleys.
Racial profiling aside, all things are now, as they were then, except you are there.
Off to Choich where I am sometimes reminded Christianity was a wonderful thing until organized religion sprouted.
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s th srt f thng tht y mght rd n "Whl f Frtn" f Vnn Wht mssd wrk nd t ws mpssbl t b vwls.

Is "y" a vowel in "buy"?

I thought about whether the "y" in "buy" is a consonant or a vowel, and eventually decided that whatever it is, it's silent, so I left it out.

Or it's a diphthong with the "u", or the "u" is silent and the "y" is the pronounced vowel. On thinking it over, I suppose the "u" is silent.

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