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Monday, August 23, 2004

It's all fake

Watching the Olympics these days, it's hard to tell how much of the athletic achievement is natural, and how much of it has been artificially generated by modern science.

For example, I believe that in women's beach volleyball, all the contestants should be forbidden from shaving or otherwise removing hair from any part of their bodies for one year prior to the competition. Now that would be worth Tivo-ing.

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Guh. Don't tell us about your fetishes. I don't want to know what gets you excited.


How about ogling the tattooed/pierced/hairy chicks downtown? They aren't playing volleyball, but there's more than two hanging out together.

The thing that was really difficult to watch was the vollyball with the women......I mean, come on....do they really need to 'hang out'? I heard the men were in tank tops and shorts.......not speedos.

And what is up with the mens swim team having their swimming attire soooooo low, you can almost imagine what was next? Sad, sad, sad.

I like to watch the GAMES and COMPETITION.....not the eye candy.

I like the beach volleyball. What continues to disturb are the 16 year old midgets running around the gym mats. I remember watching the women's all-around and thinking Svetlana Khorkina was strikingly tall. Turns out she's only 5'5"... http://www.nbcolympics.com/athletebios/5013859/detail.html

Dude, really? The'voted-most-needing-an-attitude-adjustment' is only 5-5? Wow....although I guess that's about 3 inches taller than 'normal'.

Please, don't whine about the outfits on the womens beach volleyball team unless you are prepared to whine about the mens diving and mens track outfits. I can tell none of you are athletically inclined; cause good gear is good gear. Y'all are total prudes.

I have a comment for pdxkona......it's all right to have good gear, if you dont have to be practically naked. It's the pit to have to cover my kids eyes, just because the outfit is a distraction. Come on, its sports! I saw a segment on men's vollyball and guess what they were wearing...and playing well at........shorts and a tank top. The shorts were actually to the KNEES. No prude here for sure.....but I think that I would rather watch more Olympics if they didnt have the distraction of the other things.

from a mother of 6......

WWP seems to agree with Rose:


He notes that no sport is safe.

I like the eye-candy, but they should give parents a warning or adjust showtimes.

I'd note that beach volleyball players always wear these outfits, as it's part of the whole beach thing. If you're going to watch a sport traditionally performed in scant clothing, I guess you have to be prepared for what you might see...

I'm pretty sure those perverted Greeks actually competed in the nude back in the BC. Scandalous! Must have been a cheap ratings ploy.

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