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Monday, July 5, 2004

One last run

I purposely detoured my evening run today to take one last pass over the Broadway Bridge before it shuts down for two months. That sturdy old gal is now more than 90 years old, and she's been undergoing an overhaul that's had her half shut down for quite some time now. Most of the remaining work requires that no traffic at all be allowed on the span, and so it appears it will be off limits even to bikers and joggers as well as to motor vehicles.

Which is going to make a traffic mess, of course, but a necessary one.

A cruise along the south walkway gives the runner a bird's-eye view of the "luxury ghetto" of apartments that has sprung up almost right under the bridge's deck on the west side. For the folks in those units, there's going to be some eerie quiet during the 60-day shutdown. Granted, there will be some construction noise, but the usual steady roar of traffic will be silenced. Good time to head out to the pool down there by day, or to lie awake out on the little balcony at night.

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