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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

My mid-blog crisis

Two years is a long time to be doing anything on a daily basis. After a while, you can't tell whether you're in a groove or in a rut.

And so came the inspiration for my hiatus from blogging that starts today. As announced a couple of weeks ago, I'm going to take some substantial time off and re-evaluate what I'm doing here.

The news that I was planning this sabbatical triggered a larger reaction than I expected. Indeed, there's even going to be some coverage (photos and all) in the local print media over the next couple of days. While that's nice, and kind of amusing -- isn't anything more interesting happening around here? -- in the end, it's not important.

What's much more significant are the supportive messages I've received from readers of this blog in that two-week period. Many of these are people who already knew me on some level or other before they stumbled across this site. Now I guess they know me better, and in some cases I know them better for the comments they have left here. Other well-wishers are people I've never laid eyes on, and vice versa. Perhaps that's the best testament of all.

So now what? Five or six weeks of total radio silence. No blog writing, and probably not that much blog reading, as the two go hand in hand. I'm going to get my news from actual newspapers printed on dead trees. And I'm determined to sit down somewhere and read some actual books -- something I never get the chance to do.

There are other, more private plans for this time as well. As I play with the kids a little more, have that extra conversation with my spouse each day, get back in touch with my childhood roots, let go of current politics just a bit, get a little more work done, and do a little more working out, I'm sure the right path will open up before me. It always seems to do so.

Until then, remember that a hand-crafted blogroll sits just to your lower left, full of bloggy goodness. And if you haven't already done so, you can always start a blog of your own. Just go here and you'll be off and running in no time.

But be careful -- if writing is in your blood, this thing can be very, very addictive.

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catch ya on the flip side, Jack. Enjoy yourself.

"...isn't anything more interesting happening around here?"

Your blog is providing an intelligent flame for folks to gather around, Jack. Your blog has been a place for folks of all stripes to gather and discuss important matters in a forum that can cover some ground. I myself have reconsidered my position on a few issues due to discussions here.

Your input into the community has been enhanced by your blog. Those of us who don't know you personally have had a chance to meet in your virtual living room and talk with random strangers about issues of all kinds. And that's something that is difficult to arrange - but you have done so quite well.

Best wishes on your break from blogging. And best wishes for your future. Cheers!

See you soon.

Kind of ironic that today of all days - Kerry picks Edwards as a running mate. Upon reading the news, my first inclination was to see your response. It'll have to wait I guess...

Enjoy your time off. I hear a number of websites have decent companion printings.

I just read about your blog in The Oregonian today. Great stuff. I only wish I had stumbled upon it sooner.
Good luck on your sabbatical. Let the world know when/if you return. Enjoy your day!

Knowing when to stop is hard. I have wondered how blogging fits into my own day many times. Raising two small kids and running the house is work enough. Whenever somebody decides to quit blogging I half envy them. How does one reach that decision? I sort of feel like a druggy watching his friend go into rehab and even though I know I should do the same I'm too deep into my addiction to follow him.

I heard the news today, Oh Boy......

Edwards has been announced VP candidate!

Are you sure that you have no comment J&B?

Kind of ironic that today of all days - Kerry picks Edwards as a running mate. Upon reading the news, my first inclination was to see your response.

Heh, I had the same instinct.

Jack, the day doesn't end for another 14+ hours -- plenty of time for one more riff. . .


(She says as she stamps her feet, Bic lighter held high while thumb fries.....)

"...unless, like Cher, he decides to stage a comeback next month." (The Oregonian, 7/06/2004)

Like Cher? Well, I'm pretty handy with a sewing machine if you need some kind of saucy outfit for your comeback performance.

I only recently started checking in on your blog, but you've been a good read, and will be sorely missed. All the best, and hope to see you back soon.

(Feather boa, or not.)

Jack, you will be back! Till then enjoy the Summer Wind! Flat Back!

Forget about Edwards, I want to know what Jack thinks about Vicki Walker, her outing of Neil and her recent complaints about SAIF.

Have enjoyed while I've known it. Vaya con queso.


N.B. Jonny Lang rocked the Tom McCall Waterfront yesterday evening. Dude's got some energy. (Seven guitar -- vs. costume -- changes!)

And one more thing: I'll be keeping an icon on my desktop for ye. You know ... just in case.


Jack, you're the best. Good luck with your summer.

"But be careful -- if writing is in your blood, this thing can be very, very addictive."

You could've warned about that before I started mine (which I can say I started because I enjoyed yours so much).

Come back soon, and if you ever make it to this side of the mountains, you have a beer or burger on me.

So sad to see the blog go on vacation right after I discover it, but I might as well point out the curious synchronicity that *I*, on the other hand, have awakened from a blogging hiatus at just this juncture in history. Once again, that's http://sinisterdexterity.crimsonblog.com.

While I admit that this is a shameless plug, I dont make any money off it, so I'm exempted from the $100 per day.

Have fun and take care!

It's Wednesday, and I'm still in denial.

Enjoy the summer. We hope you're back soon.

Feel the Force, Luke. You know you can't stop. Spit out a couple of words twice a week like a newspaper columnist.
Theresa Kerry, John Edwards, Dick Cheney...come on, you know you have something to say.Don't make me watch Geraldo, give us the liberal spin before we turn on Fox.
You report, we decide.

I keep checking the site, crossing my fingers that something gets you so pissed you can't not write....


I keep checking the site, crossing my fingers ....
Posted by Jesse Cornett at July 8, 2004 04:35 PM


Oh, for petesake, Jesse, there are so many words in the blog-o-rama rama ding ding dong.
Is it the local vicinity of Jack's insights which draws interest? The quality? The humankind-ness?

I say it's the shoes. Not who is in them. Gotta be the shoes. The shoes know. Shoes walk the walk.
Shoes wore the path to this door. Inside, the locals and hired hands can keep the castle running
-- think: housesitters -- while the sovereign is south for the summer.

Somebody could step up to pinch-hit on the blog. "... a vital rhythm that deserves to keep pulsing,"
or something like that, (from the June 22 post). I'm thinking rent-a-blogger. Blog temps 'R' us
sort of thing. I nominate you and me and us.

Matching action to words, I put in the next box a little ditty I tossed off yesterday to
as an entry in the call for papers which offer examples of disinformation seen/heard/read in media.

Of course, I immediately thought of Reinhard, the disinfo doofus hisse'f. Hardly a topic in the world.
Except this one.

It ran long in reaching to cover the background dots without which J.B. continues miffed that
The O. let Goldschmidt go uninvestigated and unexposed, and failed the community.
The main point being: Who says The O. didn't know? Do that mental thing for optical illusions
where you force your vision to reverse foreground and background
-- so presume The O. DID know -- and then look at it for what's in it for them. Why would they hide his shame?
Seems obvious it would give a sure control, a capture let's say, of such a caliber of cannon
tied up held down and no danger of rolling loose. As The O. defines 'loose.'

If any of this stirs any of that after I post 'n' go, I intend to return with tales of my summer
aboard the Aphrodite at Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club in Beach Haven, my job application at Perkin-Elmer
in Oceanport, love's labors lost in Bayonne, and second-hand accounts of childhood's start and stop in Patterson.

Nominee for hitlerian propaganda Hero: David Reinhard, associate editor (they eschew capitalized titles and hide Supremacist appearances) at The Oregonian newspaper.(www.oregonlive.com)

July 8, Reinhard, (lit., 'none heart' i.e. lost soul), perhaps despondent from his model Archdiocese's long-demonstrated moral bankruptcy by depraved crimes of altar boy rape, (130 victims' stories in his laity he defies to note), and yesterday's declared financial bankruptcy and insolvency of it; in any case, too vapid to write his Thursday column he then cut-n-pasted the RNC memo under his own name -- and got the hat trick! All three lies: Sen. Edwards was second choice, Edwards was fourth liberal-est, and Edwards attended an evening with Leah Rabin. Viz:

[Edwards: tan, rested and out of diapers -- DAVID REINHARD
[Having failed to land Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona on a Democratic "dream ticket," John Kerry did the next best thing Tuesday. He picked another senator named John who'll balance the ticket.
[No, John Edwards won't provide ideological balance. The first-term senator is the fourth-most-liberal member of the Senate, and Kerry is first, according to the nonpartisan National Journal ratings.
[No, Edwards won't really provide geographical balance. The North Carolina senator may be from the South, but he's no Southern Democrat.
[Still, he does balance the Democratic ticket in a big way. He offers energy, excitement, pizazz, oomph to Kerry's -- well, you get the point.
[Yes, Edwards lacks foreign policy and national security experience, ....
[What should trouble Americans -- and Democrats, especially, between now and November -- is Edwards' lightness on some issues. "One evening while he was campaigning for the Senate in North Carolina," Charles Peters wrote in the June 2003 Washington Monthly, "Edwards was faced with ... 'Yitzhak Rabin's widow,' replied the aide."
[Was Edwards simply misinformed? Or was he, as some Edwards fans later explained, purposefully misstating federal law ...? Whatever the case, the former trial lawyer and occasional senator won't get away with this kind of answer in the coming months.]
[David Reinhard, associate editor, can be reached at 503-221-8152 or davidreinhard@news.oregonian.com.]

Reinhard has stated his 1983 employment on the editorial board was only, (by transcribing faxes and in later years plagiarizing Rush Limbaugh uncited), "to be the token conservative;" and has never claimed being hired on merits, (nor shown any).

This, and decades of foxzism before murdochian FOXzis got on cable, comports with CIA-type disinformative newspapering in The Oregonian since the publisher Fred Stickel mustered out of his W.W.II Marines unit in New Jersey and, made and covered, arrived to his station in Oregon's monopolistic newspaper during the nixonian hiss and mccarthyite havoc. The convergence is eligibly one of the propaganda plants CIA director Allen Dulles referred to in his 1965 book, "The Craft of Intelligence," as the 'top 500 editors and publishers' who reprint Agency fictions as news on command.

The secret extents of the mass media blanket today might be noticed in none, (newspaper or broadcast), showing to the public the photo evidence of the fact that a Boeing 757 (like Flight 77) on 9/11 could not have been what flew into the Pentagon -- the hole in the wall is too small and no plane debris remains outside; see 0911.site.voila.fr/index2.htm photos, and sequels index1,3,4,5. ('The plane don't fit, you must admit.')

In a local rendition of secret media material, Democrat dignitary Neil Goldschmidt was documented (May 2004) in Portland alternative newspaper Willamette Week, (www.wweek.com), to have kept sexual congress thirty years ago with an under-consent-age daughter of his aide and neighbor. Civic disgusts in one part has framed an accusation at 'old boy cohorts' in The Oregonian who likely heard contemporaneous rumors and news tips, yet must have been condoning since the statutory crime was never exposed in the paper. Completely overlooked is the CIA-type view of 'controlled intelligence assets,' such as was explained for the Abu Ghraib blackmailing photos of humiliated Arab innocents. Holding secret nakedness of a person coerces his or her compliance in reporting to or performing orders of the blackmailer, and most often with deliberate intent to subvert or suborn the affair's respects in law.

Goldschmidt, for one, got GOPpression religion in his public poses ever after the dates of Reagan, (who himself flipped abruptly to Hollywood blacklister for Nixon's 1950 senate campaign, from communist party-intrigued for the 1944 Douglas senate campaign -- bracketting a 1947 daylong Hoover-sent visitation to Reagan immediately preceding his divorce of actress Jane Wyman and then ready consort with actress Nancy Davis).

And, for two, the coercion factor underscores the resignation demand of Democrat candidate Lee Goodman, (IL-10), (www.mediachannel.org, Danny Schechter's July 8 blog), at Republican Rep. Mark Kirk's admission he works for the CIA at the same time he is serving in a Congress which has smoking-hole evidence to investigate regarding a so-called 'terrorist attack on the Pentagon.' (9/11's Flight 77 was the plane that was lost on ground radar as it neared the Ohio-Kentucky border, according to aviation officials' testimony before the Kean-Hamilton Commission last month.)

In all, it seems the most matter in media is the submerged bulk beneath whatever tips float above the surface. That is, media disinformation by being not seen, not heard, or not read. (Where in years of pedophilic sodomy testaments within his own Church is one-tithe the concern of it in Reinhard's The Oregonian appearances that he spit in a couple of weeks over Goldschmidt, and even at that stopped himself before Oregon's community leaders felt spent of their vindictives?)

In seeing (in MMFA) such lies in lockstep from Reinhard to O'Reilly to Cheney all with an insistence in facts false, but never recanting, never correcting, never revising, it superficially seems each is in mutual support and simply crowing the party line. But the GOP includes others who don't say the lies -- are they still members if they miss the memos? Maybe newsmedia arbiters simply have lined up behind the occupants in office. But they didn't during the previous administration.

It may be to see, (in the uniformity of both the given disinformation and the hidden information), not that each tracks in the steps of the one ahead like trunk-to-tail elephants behind Prez Dumbo, and passes it back; but rather, to see an unseen 'third party' uberforce, some reichpublicanism which coerces them each individually by what's known of them alone, and drives all together in one same conduct that can seem like 'something contagious that's going around' or manifold simultaneous divine revelation. The recognition of a private compelling horror may better describe what's behind the glazed face of Dumbo when mr.big's word reaches him, in "Farenheit 9/11" in a classroom, than calling it startled or blinded or baft stupidity.

The vaunted '2000 Defense Review' written by the principals of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), was convened and commissioned immediately after the Cold War ended to answer the related questions 'Now what?,' 'What purpose cost-justifies the corporate-defense establishment?,' for the administration of the same Bush who is namesake of Langley HQ for his one year's service as CIA director, 1976 until Carter's inauguration, a downcast post-Vietnam aftermath when experimental war-germ labs were implanted near the Angola / Zimbabwai (Rhodesia, then) border in Africa, whence came AIDS' patient zero four years later; 1976, the year the new Saudi-sourced BCCI (Sen. Kerry's 1992 committee's findings at www.american-buddha.com) Oman bank began transferring funds for materiel into madrassas (schools) in Afghanistan for mujahedin organization, (ahead of, and Brzenzski says prompting, the Soviet invasion). Much the same as the proposal of centralized intelligence was commissioned immediately after WW II ended in atomic (later nuclear) shock and awe, to answer the question 'Now what?,' for the unexpected administration of Truman who was supposed to lose to Dewey, whose campaign guides included the brothers Dulles -- IKE's later Secretary of State John Foster, and CIA's later defining totem Allen.

In both cases the Defense Reviews wrote to the same target: Redefine 'war' and transform to it. The 1947-8 efforts brought Cold War in the world, (Reagan to Republicans, Stickel to Oregon, etc.) The 1992-2000 efforts brought Terror War in the world, (Dumbo to office, propaganda control to mass media, etc.)

So much of a day's lying and suppression in the media is descendant lies and secrets from 12 years ago, 30 years ago, 60 years ago. Hypnotic pat pat daily pat filler which never became the truth and has expired as lies. Even Reinhard compounding them three at a time, without insight, makes nothing in it and truly nothing of it.

If Gore had been rightly inaugurated, 9/11 would have failed to happen. Media disinformation includes THAT having not been reported once, anywhere, for going on three years. I didn't see it, hear it, or read it again today. 'Whatever,' per Reinhard, 'media won't get away with this kind of non-answer in the coming months.'

Was just surfing on things about the Ironbound and came across this great stuff. I see brother Gary is posting also. Take care guys I will keep checking this out.

Was just surfing on things about the Ironbound and came across this great stuff. I see brother Gary is posting also. Take care guys I will keep checking this out.

Rumor has it that Jack had taken an f-word tongue lashing from Dick Cheney, and was last seen outside a NYC courtroom screaming "Free Martha". I heard he joined the Republican Party and is writing funny material for the Dennis Miller show. Burned his Joni Mitchell albums and was last seen hunting with Ted Nugent. Come back,bro.

Wow! I just discovered your blog by pure accident while searching keywords "blogger burnout" and will have to content myself with reading your old entries. I just started a blog last week and hopefully have a good couple years ahead before burnout! www.unicornquest.blogspot.com
I lived in Portland for 9 years and it's so nice to see some pictures and hear some news of "P town!" I'm living in Montana now, after a cross country bicycle trip. Have a nice rest and best of luck!

It's been 4 weeks now. I'm really wondering if you've managed to renergize. If you'll be back. Whichever it is, do let us know!


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