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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Let me call you "sweetheart"

And if that doesn't work, honey, I've got another little pet name that I know you'll love. Just ask the president of the University of Colorado. (Via AboutItAll: Oregon.)

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If that's a term of endearment in her circles, she's been running with a mean crowd.

I was called "bright eyes" on occasion, and occasionally by the names of other body parts, but in each case the body parts so used as names of endearment were plainly visible.

What in heaven's name would the outcry be if a man had claimed this "term of endearment?" I'm semi-impervious to profanity, but never to this one, and this is worse than "tobacco isn't addictive" defense. Man, they shoulda said it was a vitamin.

Sounds like she got advice from a lawyer.

Word there, chief. I hope it gets riotously laughed out of court.

Um. She didn't use the word, just said it has been used as a term of endearment. Which it has- since the word was originated back around 1230. Hell, Shakespeare even alluded to it in a good way in Hamlet. So it can be contextual; although bets are 9 times out of 9.2 that its not in this current US American Society.

Just because the prosecution doesn't like the witness the defense has brought, doesn't mean its wrong. And just because you have been called as an expert to testify, doesn't mean you agree with one side or the other. Come guys, you all watch Law and Order....

I don't remember Law & Order being an ancient history class. I still contend her "testimony" reminds me (loudly) of the tobacco executives testimony before Congress.

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