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Sunday, May 30, 2004

You read it here first

Another 15 minutes of blogging fame today, as my reminiscences of a year ago about summers in Belmar, N.J. have landed me in a story in today's Star-Ledger, based in Newark. (Oregonian readers will recognize from the format of the web page that it's another Advance (Newhouse) newspaper.)

If any Star-Ledger readers make it this far, my journal entry from last year is here.

Comments (4)

Nice little article. I thought the Oregonian website was -- uh -- unique.

Yeah, the Oregonian's website is like a high-quality website... without all that quality getting in the way.

Cool - Making the papers for getting plastered in Belmar 30+ years ago. Sort of like hitting the lottery, what?

Yeah, there were a few other people there with me, heh heh.

Too bad the reporter made me out as such a souse. I did other things besides drink and fantasize about sex. A couple of times I went body surfing.

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