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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The dream

I have this great recurring dream. It comes when things are going well for me, when I'm managing to stay on top of all the matters with which I've filled up my life. When a number of missions have been accomplished, and I'm getting a chance to slow down a little.

In the dream, I'm in the ocean on a sunny day. I'm standing about chest high in the surf. The waves are just the right height, there's a bit of an undertow, and then, all right! Here comes the perfect body surfing wave! I turn and face shore and get ready to time my jump.

It's a beauty. I hit it just right and ride it in for many, many yards.

Lately I think my older daughter's been in it, off-"camera" to one side, and I'm explaining to her what I'm doing.

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"I'm still living the dream, for me it is not over" -CrazyHorse

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