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Thursday, May 6, 2004

Humpty Dumpty

The Neil Goldschmidt story has taken the weirdest turn yet. Now Willamette Week has broken the "news" (whispered about for years) that Neil had a little thing going with a 14-year-old back when he was mayor.

And all of a sudden he's decided that for reasons of health and the ever-popular "spending more time with the family," he can't run the State Board of Higher Education, and he can't lead the takeover of PGE.

How bizarre, and how sad.

UPDATE, 11:00 p.m.: He's admitted it.

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That is really, really sad.

It's absolutely stunning and shocking. And it does seem that almost the only thing guaranteed to bring an American public figure down is a sex scandal.

Is it a 'good thing' this is brought into light of day? That would be a long discussion.

As I have remarked here before, Neil has been pushing the ethical envelope as the political boss of Portland for a while. Nobody seemed to care much, or else everyone was afraid of him. This will likely change that.

I had understood that Mr. Goldschmidt had declined to run for a second term as governor because of a rumored affair with an adult who was a state department administrator, but not that he had any issues with underaged females.

"As I have remarked here before, Neil has been pushing the ethical envelope as the political boss of Portland for a while. Nobody seemed to care much, or else everyone was afraid of him. This will likely change that."

Exactly! Why must it take this to change that??!!

Because this is an easy easy easy ethical boundary to define.

Interesting -- Mr. Goldschmidt's former wife is a teacher at my high school. She told stories of her earlier days in the governor's mansion from time to time, but was fairly silent about why she had divorced (not that it was her duty to tell us).

Well, know we know.

Since no one seems to be asking, I will.

Why did it take 20 years for this to come out?

What changed?

You might read Phil Stanford's column in the Portland Tribune in the morning. He's been working on this for quite a while -- maybe longer than the Willamette Week. Apparently some comments he recently got from the victim were revealing.

Another recent development was the bad burning NG took on his $1 million SAIF consulting contract. That may have been the blood in the water that brought the WW around.

In general, the delay might be attributed to the fact that he's a very powerful guy. Did you see the way Gov. Ted and Vera jumped right up and saluted when the "health-related resignation" trial balloon went up in the afternoon? Whether they even realize it or not, NG controls those people. Or he did until yesterday.

This isn't a sex scandal, it's about a crime against a minor child.
Neil will land on his feet, as he always has, but this woman must be properly compensated.
Neil says he has suffered over the years--that's bull!
We all know he's done quite well for himself over the last three decades. He's damn lucky to have had the life he's led all these years because third-degree rape charges would have ended his career right there back in 1975.
It's his victim who deserves our pity.

I too heard this rumor over 15 years ago (with a babysitter not an adult) and figured it was true because he didnt' run for re-election or any political post when he was easily the most popular political figure in Oregon--obviously he had something which would damage him politically.

My question now is he really no longer powerful? He helped run Portland & Oregon from behind the scenes for years... will that really change now?

And Jack you are so right about how "puppets" Vera and Ted jumped up and saluted his "health reasons" announcement. This state needs a clean sweep.

But is this sad? This guy had this (and more) coming to him for a long time. You reap what you sow.

I don't feel so silly now when I say that I supported Frank Ivancie in 1976.

Amen Charlie--this is no "sex scandal," this is a crime!

I'm worried that, now, not enough will be remembered about Neil Goldschmidt.

I propose that we honor Neil (and, thus, Vera and Ted) with a new dictionary entry that preserves him for posterity. I propose that in common parlance that "statutory rape" or "to rape" in a stautory situation, be rep[laced by "Goldschmidting." Try it in the following sequence:

"Wow! Get a load of the headlight on THAT little girl. Boy, I'd Goldschmidt her in a New York minute!"

-- John Ponce, Tillamook


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