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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Campaign strategy

Approval ratings tanking? Speech went over like a lead balloon?

No worries. Just go to this card for a while.

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Don't you wonder what "exceptionally specific" means? Glad they're not raising the Crayola Threat Level. Mightn't be prudent in an election year and what with those polls already on the decline.

"Hey guys, things are going really not good over in the desert, at least from what I've seen on TV. We've got to get to the moon. Also, tell them there's a threat, but don't raise it to Orange until just before the election in November. That way they'll think they need me."


Shouldn't the news that there is possibly going to be a terrorist attack this summer be a poor reflection on the defense job the administration has done? I don't understand how people can read that news and still be convinced that a Bush presidency = a secure nation. Unbelievable...

If a cop arrests or otherwise prevents a criminal from commiting a number of crimes, but fails to stop him from committing _any_ crimes, does that mean he was incompetent? Or does it mean that dedicated crooks will sometimes succeed despite the best efforts of the police?

The ultimate meaning would depend on context, don't you think? If the government took every reasonable precaution and it still happened, I wouldn't call it incompetence. I'd call it the fortunes of war. If, on the other hand, it turns out that the attack _could_ have been prevented (without benefit of hindsight), that's another matter. That terrorists would _like_ to attack us this summer shouldn't come as a big surprise.

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