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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Announcing the Law Prof Hunk / Babe of the Year Contest

Inspired by Law TV's current contest to name the top 100 most influential law professors in the country, Jack Bog's Blog is proud to focus on what really matters to today's law students: the hunkitude/babe-itude of the people they have to sit in front of for 14 weeks at a time.

And so we hereby announce the first-ever Law Prof Hunk/Babe of the Year Contest. Our goal: to find the best-looking law professor in this great land of ours. Forget their socratic manner. Forget their publications. We're talking hella hunkalicious or hella babe-a-licious, period.

Nominations are now being accepted at jackbogsblog@comcast.net. And here are the rules:

Full-time and part-time professors are eligible.

Only law students (full-time or part-time), law professors (including adjunct professors), and law school administrators from U.S. law schools may nominate.

You may nominate up to six law professors -- up to three from your own law school and up to three from other law schools.

Nominations must be in the following form:

1. The subject line of your e-mail must read:

Hunk/Babe Law Prof Nominations (followed by the name of your law school).

For instance:

Hunk/Babe Law Prof Nominations - Cincinnati


Hunk/Babe Law Prof Nominations - NYU

2. The body of your e-mail must contain your name, your law school status,
and your nominations in the following form:

Nominator: Antonin Hand
Rutgers-Newark third-year law student


Pete Karren -- Rutgers-Newark
Mike McMann -- Rutgers-Newark
Henrietta Rodham -- Rutgers-Newark adjunct

Roberta Phlacque -- Seton Hall
Ruth Bator Bradford -- Harvard
Herbert Gratts -- Texas

The order in which you list the nominees has no consequence.

3. Your e-mail must be sent to jackbogsblog@comcast.net

4. Please attach a photo of the nominee if possible.

You may vote only once. Nominations, once made, are irrevocable.

Professors may nominate themselves.

Nominations will be announced the week of May 24. Let's hear it from all you law profs, students and administrators out there!

UPDATE, 5/11, 2:03 p.m.: By popular demand, law school alumni may also nominate!

UPDATE, 5/17, 11:41 p.m.: Here's a list of schools whose profs have been nominated so far.

UPDATE, 5/26, 12:49 p.m.: The nominees in the Hunk Division are posted here.

Comments (10)

Hm...I think I'm happier NOT thinking of my professors as hunks or babes! They're like parents (or something). :)

You have finally fallen off the deep end of the pier.If Bob Packwood did this, you would be setting up the noose as we speak. A sexist,superficial,shallow,Larry Flintish contest run by an aging Dick Clark professor still searching for the meaning of life. Man, the NOW babes are going to come after you. This sounds like a contest run by Teddy Kennedy or Bill Clinton. I did not have sexual relations with that professor for her to get my vote.

Beauty's only skin deep, yea yea yea.

How about a second contest? The homeliest law professor male/female of the year? You might get a lot more nominations...

As my Mother once claimed, "beauty and brains don't go together Gordo, you're proof of that."

jack, i think you may have jumped the shark with this one

You're right. This is, in many ways, a crock. As are most "Top 100 This-and-That" popularity contests.

Which is my point.

Poor Gordo!

Yes I know, Shelley. Which brings up the question; how am I passing all of my law school classes? :)

Heh. My sister and I overlapped in college a year. A guy in my German class saw us together and later asked me if she was my sister. He said, "So you're the smart one, and she's the pretty one, right?"

Egads. As a group, law profs are the most physically unatractive and the least personable people I've ever encountererd. Smug, yes. Pompous, yes. Sometimes creepy, especially when solicitous towards young female students. But "babes" and "hunks." You either have a keen sense of satire, or you're a typically idiotic American.

The Greedy Associates webboard has had similar threads, threads that led to female professors' pictures being posted and incredibly obscene things being written about them. I really, really hope you don't post the "winners" of this contest. Young, attractive, female professors have a hard enough time being taken seriously--how nightmarish to find your face and name being posted on the website (of a fellow professor!) as a person who should be viewed as a sexual object. The Greedy Associates threads became very well known, so much so that when I mentioned the name of a professor at law school X to a student at that law school, the student's response was, "Oh yeah, did you hear that according to Greedy Associates she's the most f**kable prof?"


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