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Monday, May 17, 2004


My grades are in (in fact, have been so for nearly 36 hours now), and so the school year has come to an end. We have lots of graduation-related festivities this weekend, but other than that, it's over until late August.

A series of all-nighters pulled in connection with meeting the grading deadline (almost) have resulted in my sporting a head cold for this first week of summer "vacation." But it's a minor annoyance that won't spoil the sweet freedom that comes with the academic life.

As always, I've got big plans for the summer. But first, it's time to adjust to the summer rhythms.

Comments (3)

before the deadline? that is pretty amazing. all my prof's in the fall were at or beyond the deadline. i wasn't even planning on checking my grades for another couple of weeks.

Off from now until August. Reason #3,456 why I shoulda been a law professor. I'd even take the head cold.

"Off until August," but you also have to update your treatise and associated articles. Jack, being both a people person and a performer by nature, likes teaching, just not getting up in the morning to do it.

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