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Wednesday, April 7, 2004


This Sattay night I'm gon' chill at the crib with ma peeps, nome sane?

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A fellow peep lover? Tell me, does your spouse hate them? I'm convinced that peep lovers only marry peep haters. Matthew thinks they're evil incarnate. (And you must visit this site: http://www.peepresearch.org/!)

I read a great article several years ago about 2 guys at a college somewhere who did experiments on peeps. One of the things they figured out is that peeps have a shelf life of about 100 years!

Personally, I like them tobe just a little bt stale. I usually buy a package, use a pin to stick a tiny hole in the package and in about 24 hours....perfection!!

Yes! They are SO much better stale -- I leave the package open a bit, too. LOL! Lily, you may be a long-lost relative!

I think I'm gon' chill would also sound nice as: I'm'a chill.

Good God, you mean there are others like me out there?? I thought the taste for stale Peeps was limited to my siblings and I. Anyway, I, too, will be chillin' in my crib with my stale peeps this Sattay nite (will puncture package sometime Friday afternoon). Happy Easter!!

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