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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

One less career change option

I have always thought that if offered a position as a judge on a prestigious court, I would have a hard time passing it up. Granted, there might be some background-check issues, heh heh, but if I cleared those, I'd seriously entertain such an offer.

After spending the last two days serving as an arbitrator (with another day set for tomorrow), I have changed my mind. Presiding over people's disputes, although stimulating and exciting on an occasional basis, is not the way I'd prefer to spend my regular workweek.

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When I was a young adult, I got into a legal mess and had to come before a judge. We'll leave out the details. The judge in the case was incredibly cool and treated me fairly. I had to sit through hours of watching people in legal scrapes, and it was mind-numbingly tedious. I realized then that the work of judges is true public service. We owe our judges a great deal for their efforts.

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