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Friday, April 2, 2004

Good morning

I just pulled one of my occasional major internal clock adjustments. Instead of staying up most of the night and sleeping all morning, I crashed at a normal hour and am now facing the unfamiliar sight of the morning sun streaming through my home office window.

Whenever I do this, I feel a brief reunion with the rest of the mainstream working world. But it's usually only a temporary euphoria. Within a week, it's back to Vampireville.

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I was wondering what the heck you were doing on campus on a Thursday.

This is slightly off-topic, but check out this definition of "nudity"

ORS 163.700(2)(b) "Nudity" means uncovered, or less than opaquely covered, post-pubescent human genitals, pubic areas or a post-pubescent human female breast below a point immediately above the top of the areola.

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