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Sunday, April 4, 2004

Get well, Doug

One of the two injured climbers who took a 1,000-foot fall off a glacier on Mount Hood yesterday is identified as Doug Adair, 50, of Aurora. I know a Doug Adair, 50, of Aurora (above right), and how many of those can there be?

Doug, everyone at your alma mater is pulling for you. Heal, guy. We want you back behind your desk and drum set ASAP.

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Lucky guy. I restrict my climbing to stairs.

Very, very lucky.

I wish for a quick recovery . . .

however, I sure hope they get charged for the rescue costs.

Doug and I just concluded a frustrating tax court case against a Posse Comitatus/Constitionalist tax protester type, and Judge Breithaupt was so frustrated with the joker's antics he awarded us damages and attorney's fees.

Get well soon, pal. We're pulling for you.


Glad to be back - and thanks for the sentiments, one and all. As for the rescue costs, they are minimal. PMR (Portland Mountain Rescue) is an all volunteer organization that does this sort of thing 'cause they care. The 1042 air rescue use these events as training oppurtunities so when they go to Iraq they don't drop their friends and comrades. As a broad matter, the US has traditionally supported search & rescue for lost hikers, boaters, hunters, climbers, even lost, stolen or strayed children. Now, if we were in France or Neapl for example, things might be different. There they charge climbers for rescues and, not surprisingly, there is a well established insurance industry that provides extraction coverage at a very modest cost.

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