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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Top 10 Other Standing Ovation Ideas for the Trail Blazers

So Portland Trail Blazer captain Damon Stoudamire should get a standing ovation tonight because he passed a random drug test offered by a newspaper reporter? How far the franchise has fallen.

Here now are the Top 10 Other Standing O Ideas for the Blazers:

10. Dale Davis, for showing up

9. Zach Randolph, for not punching anyone yet this week

8. Ruben Patterson, six straight months without a domestic violence incident

7. Dan Dickau, for progress in learning some Eminem lyrics

6. Shareef Abdur-Rahim, for not spitting on anyone

5. Theo Ratliff, for refraining from obscene gestures to the fans

4. Derek Anderson (but please, not too long of an ovation, he can't stand up for long periods)

3. Qyntel Woods, for not taking a random drug test

2. Maurice Cheeks, best actor, for "Hamlet"

And the Number 1 Other Standing O Idea for the Blazers:

1. Paul Allen, for starting to think about getting the hell out of here

Comments (3)

So he gets no credit for kicking?

But a big "thank you" from Laker fans everywhere for last night's shellacking of Minnehaha. LA now just 2 back of the Wolves...

I'm with brett, I think he should get some credit for finally learning from his mistakes. I don't think we should be EXTATIC about it, but he does deserve some conditional respect for kicking the habit and owning up to his mistakes.

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