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Friday, March 26, 2004

Tech talk

A friend with a DSL connection was complaining to me today that he can't get this blog to load on his browser, although he has no trouble getting the nearby 1221 SW 4th. I know the artwork and some of the hit counter scripts slow things down, but are any of the rest of you having this problem? Anyone have thoughts about what might be going on?

Have a great weekend.

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DSL is usually very fast, so the image size and scripts shouldn't be an issue. Most likely the browser type (IE, Netscape, Mozilla) or version is the culprit. Have your friend update their browser. If that doesn't work, have them try a different browser.

Yes, I often have a lot of problems loading your blog (I'm on a MAC if that has anything to do with it). It either takes forever or causes a crash).

Probably not the Mac, per se, but (as mentioned) a browser problem. I am peachy on all sorts of Macs, from my home desktop G3, to my iMac, to my Powerbook. Using the Apple Safari browser, FWIW. I have two or three browsers available on each computer, in case the finicky nature of some website makes my "main" browser to not work. Never had a problem here, though.

I have a PC and a Mac; I connect with cable on the PC and with Cable (home) and wireless (home and school) with the Mac and haven't had a lick of trouble. I use Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

I'm a PC user on DSL and I've had no problems loading your blog.

WWP has problems in his PC-based browser only when opening in a "partial" window ... that is, a window that is "minimized." Bojack loads, but not always correctly. Almost always, the problem is the banner photograph -- it doesn't want to load properly, and to our eye, that is what seems to be mucking things up.

That help?

Thanks, WWP. I've redone the banner photo at a lower resolution, which cuts the size of the image file down considerably. Maybe that will help.

I normally have no problems loading your page either at home (DSL, pc, win98, IE) or at school (wireless, Redhat 7.1, Mozilla).

However, when I was in San Francisco last weekend, I crashed IE on an old iMac in an internet cafe when I tried loading your page.

The problem is intermittent for me and seems to have to do with the counter scripts hanging up from time to time. There have been times when it just locked up the browser and I had to force quit, but it's been fine in recent days.

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