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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Musical interlude (to the tune of "Love and Marriage")

Fish and Potter
Fish and Potter
They want reservoirs that still have water
Neither one's a phony
So let's get rid of Francesconi

Fish and Potter
Fish and Potter
Work for equal rights for Tom's gay daughter
They'll play hot potato
With Diane Linn and Lisa Naito

No, no, no more secret contracts
They're self-defeating
No, no, no more greasy deals without
A public meeting

Fish and Potter
Fish and Potter
They're the ones who get my imprimatur
This is no baloney
They sure beat Katz
They sure beat bats
They sure beat Katz and Francesconi

Comments (6)


I'm glad to see you're supporting Fish. But Nick is very pro-streetcar, and credits that project for leveraging more private investment on a dollar-for-dollar basis than anything else Katz & Co. have done. You see the streetcar as the hood ornament for the Katzmobile. Any response?

Nobody's perfect. Fish is still, at worst, the lesser of two evils.

Streetcar vs PGEPark. Which one lost (is losing) the most money? Is this how you decide, because both you can't stand. Yet you forgive this one sin for Nicky, but not the other for Sammy. Hmmmm.

PGE is just the tip of Sam's very large iceberg. How about that dopey Convention Center -- it was half empty, but thanks to Vera and Sam, we blew tens of millions to double its size. Now it's three-quarters empty.

And the tram. And lots more.

"I was the brains behind Vera Katz. I was Vera Katz's economic development expert." Laughable! The guy needs to run for the county, or maybe the legislature. And tell him he needs a haircut.

I howled at this line: "They're the ones who get my imprimatur"



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