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Thursday, March 4, 2004


In all the political hoo-ha about same-sex matrimony, I've neglected to say congratulations to all the couples who are solemnizing their commitments to each other this week. Thank heaven for the love between you, and here's hoping it lasts a lifetime.

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Amen (said the agnostic).

...to which WWP adds: Amen (said the Methodist).

I second B!x.

I was privileged to witness a wedding ceremony last night. Not only was it cool to have two really good friends that are great for each other get hitched. It was also pretty awe-inspiring to realize we were witnessing cultural history as it happened.

...to which WITBH adds: Amen, and Amen (says the gay former Jehovah's Witness)

Another Amen (said one of the many grateful sons of Portland)

Agreed, and I echo hilsy's comment about the 'awe-inspiring nature.' Snapped me out of my rather jaded outlook on marriage lately, it did...

Congrats to my good friends Tom and Kevin! Their marriage is reported in part by KATU here.

I also congratulate the gay and lesbian couples, Multnomah County Commissioners Linn and Naito, and Basic Rights Oregon in doing what conservatives could not. These groups' underhanded attempt to obtain public support for these immoral homosexual relationships will backfire with the silent majority. We are now wide awake and will move forward to establish a constitutional amendment in the State of Oregon to define marriage as only between one man and one women. Cheers.

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